Saturday, November 24, 2012

By morning the showers will reach central, S-E Tamilnadu coast ... 
Northeast monsoon unpredictable: Met ... 
RT @techproin: Rain n Coimbatore wears off, paves way to a beautiful cool evng weathr.. no signs of rain..@weatherofindia 

Showers nearing central Tamilnadu coast

3pm, Showers due to easterlies are nearing central Tamilnadu coast

Scattered showers for S.Tamilnadu & S.Kerala to continue till 26 / 27-Nov.
Next moderate W.D will reach W.Kashmir by 27-Nov ... 
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RT @gparayil: Unexpected rain at IPMWHOCC #kozhikode #kerala  (2:29pm)

RT @saifarash: heavy rain...!!! Very cool  #Valillapuzha #Areekode #Malappuram #Kerala #Weather (3:29pm)

RT @thariqkhurshid: Alone in the rain! #perinthalmanna #Kerala @kasland 

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By 26-Nov, S-E corner bay will push in a strong circulation .. and it's expected to move West..

Both NOGAPS & COLA model suggests a Depression over S-central Bay by 1-Dec and moving West .. .. 
@pramodumani >> Trivandrum - afternoon, showers will go down and mild drizzles may persist till evening.
#chennai - 1:50pm, having a Deep blue Sky, sign of New weather front moving in.. minimal LOW cloud formations around. Hot & Humid.

#chennai - Upper air current is from N-E and has mellowed down. Meaning N-E monsoon current at present is weak.. expected to pickup tomorrow
Easterlies is expected to reach central,S-E Tamilnadu coast by tonight or early hrs of Sunday.. Heavy rain ahead..

Due to the strong anti-cyclone over central Maharastra.. the easterlies is expected to be pushed south..

Upcoming easterlies is expected to give rain for Central, S-E coast & S.Tamilnadu .. during next 2/3 days...

From the easterlies, less rain forecast for N.coast Tamilnadu, #chennai during next 2/3 days !!
Till 8:30am today, Heavy rainfall amounts.. Chengalpattu (N-E.Tamilnadu) = 14cm, Tuticorin (S.Tamilnadu) = 10cm.

On 23-Nov... HOT Maharastra .. highest maximum temperature of 38.0°C
was recorded at Akola (Maharashtra)
12:30pm, Satellite IR shows showers still persisting over S.Tamilnadu, S.Kerala and heavy rain over Lakshadweep islands

12:30pm, Easterlies is nearing central Tamilnadu coast... will it spread all over Tamilnadu coast (or) only for South?
RT @aash_tvm: It is raining here in #Trivandrum since early morning, without break. #kerala @weatherofindia (11:54am)

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 12.55pm; After yesterday's downpour, today it is overcast sky, wet and windy.

RT @anandvnarayanan: @weatherofindia Blazing Sun in Chennai - feels like an early summer (10:22am)
9:30am, Satellite IR shot reveals Heavy rain over S.Tamilnadu and upcoming easterlies over S-central Bay.. 
RT @kthirumani: @weatherofindia Heavy raining at tuticorin. (9:33am)

RT @techproin: @weatherofindia picture of Coimbatore rly station with a cloudy blanket. Exciting. (9:22am)

RT @rshivaag: @weatherofindia with few mins interval raining heavily in tuticorin (8:39am)

RT @rshivaag: @weatherofindia rain continuing from 0500hrs - tuticorin, S.Tamilnadu

Nazareth, S.Tamilnadu- 6:45am it is raining heavily for the last 40 min.  

Upcoming Easterlies is now over S-Central Bay, heavy convective activity seen! Will it reach to entire Tamilnadu coast?

RT @rshivaag: Tuticorin rain  lasted only 15mins from 0315hrs. thunder sounds and lightening existing around but rain stopped

RT @TechProIn:  heavy rains n CBE close 2 9 PM. Dunno hw wet s chn..hpng fr gud rain so dat I don't wait n queue bfr a water tanker