Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bangalore - 9:30pm, heavy rain over majestic and hennur zones!

Belgaum - "Now at 6:45pm, its raining very heavily"

Kasaragod got light rain in morning and after that Cloudy and NO rain !

Mumbai rain

RT @rupeshirabatti: #rain and #lightning in #Mumbai @sagarirabatti (6:30pm)

RT @harjotmankoo: It's lightning, thundering and raining....thundering rain after years in #Mumbai... :) #lovingit #rains (6:37pm)

Tamilnadu evening rain

RT @pras_ja: @weatherofindia It's raining in Chidambaram, Tamilnadu heavily.. (4:40pm)

RT @surencal: @weatherofindia  It's raining heavily in Erode, Tamilnadu 5:00pm 

Circulation near Chennai expected to persist till 13-Sep !!

Today, a sea level LOW at 1004mb is seen along S Andhra coast and #Chennai coast ... 

An offshore trough can be seen along Karnataka coast... and expected to persist till 14-Sep.

The LOW and low level circulation along S Andhra coast and Chennai is expected to persist till morning of 13-Sep ... 

Today, low level circulation seen over #Chennai and mid level just East of Chennai over Bay, may persist till 13-Sep 

A low level circulation is seen over S,central Bangladesh and another over E,S-E Uttarpradesh.

On Friday, a good low level circulation may get established over Bengal and may also persist for 3 days ! This will again drop a N-S trough.

In next 24hrs, Heavy rain for S,W,S-E Maharastra, N,central,S Karnataka, N,S Andhra and into N,N-E,central-coast Tamilnadu.

Today and Tomorrow, scattered rain expected ALL along S-E coast of India from S Bengal to N Tamilnadu coast.

Before late evening of 12-Sep, HEAVY rain for central coast, S tip Tamilnadu and S,central Kerala.
Bangalore to get more scattered moderate rain during next 3 days!
#Chennai - to get more rain before midnight of 13-Sep !
12:30pm, Fresh showers popping over S Bengal, S Jharkhand, N Odisha. Heavy rain over S-central, central coast Andhra. 

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 2.10pm, Wet and rainy morning, now Dark clouds popping up... 

Chennai records 88.2mm

#Chennai - Drizzle stopped at around 11:30am over most parts of city and suburbs. Nungambakkam = 88.2mm and Airport = 83.9mm

Chennai - 6:40am, "super wet morning" raining steadily with heavy drops even now over Polichalur zone. And expected to continue for 3hrs!

Chennai - 1:05am, for the past 30min it was raining moderately . Now it's pouring over Polichalur zone. More rain ahead for the night!

Chennai - 1:20am, very heavy rain now over Polichalur zone

RT @shaan4me: @weatherofindia kochi just now experiencing rain (12:04 am) @kamalrocksz 

RT @namo_namah: @ranganaathan @weatherofindia Heavy Rain in Pune too since evening. (11:37pm)

@sona_monii >> #Kolkata - Yes moderate rain expected today (11-Sep) and till evening of 12-Sep. After that less rain or NO rain forecast !

#Chennai, heavy rain 12am update

RT @ranganaathan: Heavy rains in T-Nagar for the last 1 hour @weatherofindia . Looks like Monsoon has started early for Chennai. (11:35pm)

RT @vasudevan_k: @ranganaathan @weatherofindia have rains in Perambur too. #Chennai (11:42pm)

RT @kamalrocksz: @weatherofindia heavy rain in Villivakkam, Chennai. 12:00 AM 

#Chennai - 12am, a T.shower is crossing central, S-central zones of city. And more HEAVY rain approaching from West.

RT @kamalrocksz: “@russcsk: It's raining heavy here in Chennai #whistlepodu” @weatherofindia (12am)
#Chennai - 12:09am, NO rain yet in Polichalur zone. S,S-W suburbs of city. Got only drizzles so far !

RT @aaroo4: @weatherofindia pouring in Tnagar... friends in Saidapet n mylapore also confirm! #Chennai (12:11am)

RT @ranganaathan: thunders in T-Nagar @weatherofindia , lucky no power break. But time to log off. (12:14am)