Monday, October 21, 2013

Circulation near #Chennai and more rain ahead for #Chennai, N-coast Tamilnadu, S Andhra.

10pm, Heavy rain seen along S Andhra coast... showers can be seen just 60km North from Chennai city ... 

Latest analysis show that the LOW and it's low level circulation is seen along N-coast Tamilnadu, Chennai, S Andhra 

During next 24hrs, the circulation is expected to persist along #Chennai coast ... 
From now, the circulation will push into N Tamilnadu and S-E Karnataka by Wednesday ... 
By Thursday, the circulation is expected to pop into Arabian sea thru Goa.

As of now, the rain due to this circulation can be seen along most of Andhra coast and upto Odisha.
From now till evening of 22-Oct, Heavy rain expected along S,central-coast and even for N-E Andhra coast.
Before evening of 22-Oct, moderate rain for #Chennai, central, central-coast,N-W Tamilnadu, Kerala coast and S,S-E Karnataka, Bangalore.
More rain in store for #Chennai, N,central-coast Tamilnadu, Kerala and S,W,coast Karnataka during next 2 days (till Wednesday evening)
During next 2 days, entire S-E coast (from N-E Odisha to S Andhra) is expected to get showers due to this Low and Monsoon withdrawal.

#Chennai - 11:30pm, Pressure is around 1004.3mb and calm.
Showers getting ready for a splash into city after 1 / 2 am.

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.50am, Chilly morning with overcast sky. Wetness on the roads due to overnight drizzles. 

#Chennai got 80.8mm

#Chennai - 12:38pm, Drizzle stopped at around 10:45am. Now its Cloudy with sign of Sun breaking out.
More rain ahead towards evening.

#Chennai - Rainfall till 8:30am today, Nungambakkam = 80.8mm, Airport = 71.1mm and Polichalur (Indianweatherman PWS) = 47.1 mm

#Chennai - Get live weather from Polichalur zone (S-W of Airport) ...
Presently in beta version, more updates soon.

Till morning, Moderate and heavy rain were experienced ALL along Tamilnadu coast.

12:30pm, Showers seen along S,central Andhra coast, S Kerala getting ready for more rain... Rest of #India is calm 

The rainfall (in mm) reported on 21.10.2013 / 0830 hrs [in and around Chennai ] indicated that the cloud mass moved in N-NWly direction

The 211013 / 06Z DWR indicates cloud concentration over North of Chennai.

There won't be any significant rain in Chennai to day.

It may rain heavily at Nellore,Ongole coasts in AP

The rainfall (in mm) reported on 21.10.2013 / 0830 hrs [in and around Chennai ]
Ennore 105.0
Madavaram 86.0
Puzal 78.0
Taramani 70.0
Anna uty 70.0
Poonamalle 62.0
Satyabama uty 42.0
Kattupakkam 18.0
Kolappakam 17.0              

RT @fabwrite:  @chennaiweather Raining continuously... Can you pls let me know if the Govt declares a rain holiday for #Schools in #Chennai

Chennai - 7:15am, non stop steady rain continues over Polichalur zone.

RT @NTSHAMZ2010: @weatherofindia Has been raining in interior parts of Tambaram non-stop since last night 6:15am

Chennai, S-coast Andhra - 7:20am, more heavy and steady rain ahead for next 4 hours.