Friday, October 02, 2009

Chennai - It's heavily cloudy will patchy low cloud formation.. Mild drizzles or medium showers expected anytime thru the day.
RT @dipsoman: goa update: it's a dry day but the resort still serves liquor in the rooms!!
RT @menon007: third day in GOA. its raining cats and dogs. nice weather
RT @rpadmakrishnan: Weather seems great now at Nagercoil. The cozy one makes you lazy.(2 days back)
Nagercoil - Overnight very heavy showers and continued till mid morning.
Reports of very heavy last monsoon showers over Kanyakumari district of South-Tamilnadu.
Heavy rain will continue over South-west coast along Kerala. And after a week of heavy showers Andhra is clearing up.
Now the LOW is over Arabian sea just North-west of Goa .. Heavy rain continues over North-west-Karnataka .