Wednesday, September 14, 2011

@aditya_ug >> Heavy widespread showers forecast for Goa, Coastal Karnataka till 17-Sep and it'll reduce considerably.
All India Monsoon toppers from 01.06.2011 to 11.09.2011 ...
Monsoon rainfall statistics ... Amboli's 7184 mm Rainfall topples Kollur from Lead ..
Even if rainfall go down ALL over India from 17-Sep, T.showers for S.andhra and N.Tamilnadu coast, Chennai till 20-Sep.
chennai - Showers over N-W Chennai has weakened .. but entering city limits now 7:37pm
Today's N-W Bay circulation will move N-W in another 12 hrs ..
COLA model suggests that the circulation will linger over E.Uttarpradesh and Bihar till 20-Sep, Massive rains forecast.
North,North west India will get showers till 17-Sep and it'll go down from there... may that's it for this Monsoon season. !!
Monsoon intensity will go down over entire West,S-W coast from 17-Sep-2011 ...
Tamilnadu :: Showers now 6:46pm over Thiruvalluvar .. this erratic T.storm may move East or S-E and will effect W,W-N-W and S-W suburbs
Tamilnadu :: 80km West of chennai, a super thunder storm now raging. Exact location is between Arakonam and Wallajabad
RT @ajeshz: kerala nature-rain
RT @johnners70: 3rd day of rain on the trot in Kerala. Is this Indias revenge on me for the cricket?
chennai - now 3:46pm, only low level sea breeze present. We have a strong Thunder cell over W-N-W 120km from center.
chennai - another warm and humid Day... 34.4 C (2:29pm).. Today's forecast suggests almost 100% chance of RAIN