Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mumbai Month of July rainfall received : Santa Cruz: 1363 mms (Highest ever for July 1456 mms in 1965)
and Colaba July saw 1285 mms, (Highest ever at Colaba 1500 mms).

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Chennai - NO sea breeze, High cloud cover continues.. and sporadic drizzles may continue all thru night.
Is Mumbai one of the wettest cities in World ??? ...
Chennai - drizzle now 3:46pm over Polichalur, pammal zone

Is Mumbai one of the wettest cities in World ???

From the stats, even though people wanted fresh water for their daily life, they have avoided rainiest spots in the world for settlement. Some places which have bucked the trend are given below, If i have missed some cities pls let me know. The criteria is population of above 0.3 million and rainfall of above 2000 mm.

Wettest Cities in the World
  1. Buenaventira, Colombia, Population - 0.30 million, Rainfall - 6780 mm
  2. Monrovia, Liberia, Population - 1.10 million, Rainfall - 5140 mm
  3. Mawlamyine, Burma, Population - 0.53 million, Rainfall - 4880 mm
  4. Baguio, Philippines, Population - 0.32 million, Rainfall - 4570 mm
  5. Sylhet, Bangladesh, Population - 0.47 million, Rainfall - 4520 mm
  6. Kuching, Malaysia, Population - 0.98 million, Rainfall - 4052 mm
  7. Freetown, Sierra Leone, Population - 1.2 million, Rainfall - 3436 mm
Other cities
  1. Mumbai - 2460 mm
  2. Belem - 2439 mm
  3. Quezon City - 2408 mm
  4. Kuala Lumpur - 2394 mm
  5. Singapore - 2272 mm
  6. Colombo - 2240 mm
  7. Hong Kong - 2216 mm

Wettest Cities in India
  1. Mangalore, Population - 0.45 million, Rainfall - 3970 mm
  2. Cochin, Population - 0.65 million, Rainfall - 3300 mm
  3. Calicut, Population - 0.45 million, Rainfall - 3285 mm
  4. Dibrugarh, Population - 1.1 million, Rainfall - 2600 mm
  5. Mumbai, Population - 13.83 million, Rainfall - 2460 mm
  6. Dehradun, Population - 0.57 million, Rainfall - 2300 mm
Chennai - NO sea breeze yet! 3:15pm... these cloud formation will get heavier if Sea breeze sets in now and Chennai will get a Strong shower
RT @aktiwary: Cc. @weatherofindia RT @sanjaybafna: Raining heavily in south mumbai, Water Login at Grant Rd, Mumbai Central Maratha Mandir.
Chennai - Cloud formation getting heavy now 3:10pm over S,S-W Chennai as well... showers expected soon !
RT @drjagadesh: @weatherofindia Strong drizzle in chetpet, chennai
RT @drjagadesh: @weatherofindia Rain in chetpet, chennai now 2:50pm
Chennai - a strong drizzle is sweeping across N,N-W. Chennai suburbs and crossing into Sea 2:43pm
RT @josv555: Good rain in Kerala from the morning onwards. (12:39pm)
RT @zuluupadhyay: Heavy Rain in Mumbai. lot of water everywhere. feel good. but ..... save the others. (1:54pm)
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Been out since morning. . . And the rains in Mumbai are just crazy crazy crazya. . .
Chennai - a drizzle may sweep across N-W and N.suburbs in another 30min
RT @thesvt: Over 300mm rains in Mumbai for last 3 days. Good news is that lakes r filling-up fast & rains should ease from tomorrow
V.Velocity is also high along entire Maharastra, Karnataka and S.Gujarat coast ..
Today V.velocity is very high along N. Tamilnadu (ncluding Chennai) and over S. Andhra .. That mean 95 percent chance of evening T.shower
Today a weak UAC can be seen over N.Bay and over S-W Rajasthan and S.Pakistan ...
Chennai - 11:48am, today again having a high cloud cover from the dead thunder cell moved in from Bay.. Had some mild drizzles in morning.!