Friday, July 19, 2013

Weather reports from Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 7.00pm, Heavy rain since after noon... Dark clouds formation in Horizon around 2.00pm a pic 

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 7.00pm.. Real monsoon rain..Pouring since evening..may be Heaviest rain of the season.. pic 

RT @nmsreddy: @weatherofindia Raining heavily at Bhubaneshwar  (6:29pm)

#Chennai - Round 3, 6:08pm

#Chennai - city and suburbs to receive rain again .. Round #3 .. in next 15 to 30 min.

#Chennai - 6:08pm, HEAVY rain again over Pallavaram zone.

RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia  Round #3 Madipakkam, #Chennai @ 6.12 pm 

RT @enjoyl: @weatherofindia heavy rain vandalur.. #Chennai (6:20pm)

RT @ranganaathan: Has been raining in T-Nagar, Chennai from around 1.30pm @weatherofindia 

Bangalore - Rain

High Intensity rain of 62 mm/hr has been recorded from 16:30 to 16:45 on 19/07/2013 at SARJAPUR Hobli in BANGALORE URBAN District

Bangalore - "Intermittent heavy rain, Bilekahalli area" 4:45pm

Bangalore - 4:45pm, "now heavy rain at domlur, traffic will suffer. caution!!!" .. from ...

RT @arvenky: @weatherofindia Raining intermittently here in  Malleswaram, Bangalore from morning, now for past an hour pouring  (5:28pm)

#Chennai - 4:25pm, "Round Two"

RT @naveenkumars84: @weatherofindia Once again started after a small break... Its raining at Kodambakkam Chennai.. (4:29pm)

#Chennai - 4:33pm, Heavy rain with thunder over Pallavaram zone from 4:20pm .. continues now

-- update --

#Chennai - 4:57pm, Amazing day!... more rain ahead for city and suburbs in another 1.5 hrs.

Update from W,N-W.Rajasthan !! DRY

RT @aratikumarrao: Not a drop of rain on the earth, not a grey smudge in the sky. ? W.Rajasthan. #monsoon2013 #rajasthan @weatherofindia

RT @zenmotherhood: @AratiKumarRao poured last night in Jaipur (E.Rajasthan) area though @weatherofindia

RT @aratikumarrao: @zenmotherhood @weatherofindia hmm. Was speaking to farmers. Nothing west of jaisalmer or in and around jaisalmer yet!

@aratikumarrao For E,N,S,central Rajasthan.. good chance of rain on 21,22-Jul .. some may push into N-W on 22-Jul ... 

@aratikumarrao >> Almost NO rain expected to enter Jaisalmer till 24-Jul... an odd shower may push in on 22,23-Jul .. Your wait continues !

Satellite at 3pm... and other updates from around #India

Sawai Madhopur - 12:15pm, "today partly coludy"

3pm, HEAVY rain over N,central,N-E,E.Madhyapradesh, S,central,S-E.Uttarpradesh, central Bengal, central,S.Odisha.. 

3pm, Heavily cloudy all over Maharastra with rain over coast, central and East, HEAVY rain along Karnataka coast..

3pm, Showers also seen over N-central,N-W.Andhra as well.

RT @nmsreddy: @weatherofindia Quite heavy rains at Bhubaneshwar since this morning (3:27pm)

#Kolkata - South zone got good rain at around 2:50pm.

RT @harnish_naik: @weatherofindia Navsari (S-E.Gujarat) - normal. cloudy.rain in morning for few min only. (3:46pm)
#Chennai - More rain on cards... may push in at around 5pm.

#Chennai - 2:35pm

RT @naveenkumars84: @weatherofindia Its raining heavily at Tnagar #Chennai (2:43pm)

#Chennai - 2:40pm, Heavy rain seen over S,S-W,W Suburbs ... 

RT @mycitychennai: Scary clouds! Chennai are you ready for some action?! #Rain #Chennai (2:47pm)

#Chennai - NO rain so far in Pallavaram zone.

RT @narain: @weatherofindia absolute down pour at KK Nagar (2:53pm)

RT @devarya: @weatherofindia rain in Mylapore , #Chennai (2:54pm)

RT @itssaranyahere: Pouring crazy in nanganallur! :) #Chennai 2:54pm

-- update --

#Chennai - 2:56pm, Rain started over Pallavaram zone as well .

RT @interpid16: @weatherofindia Clouds here at Chennai. Funnel Clouds. (2:58pm)

RT @arvind_lfc: @weatherofindia Heavy rain in vadapalani area! :) #Chennai (3:02pm)
heavy rains in all over kolkata at 1 pm ....
Heavy rains to watch in North Konkan and adjoining Southern Gujarat Coast. 
Heavy Showers in Delhi NCR on Friday Night. Overnight rains around 35-40 mms average.
Mumbai, Friday will see times of heavy showers, with intervals of respite. Heavy showers on Friday night. Rains amount will be around 30-35 mms average.
Eastern and Northern  Outer Townships get heavy rains on Friday, with amounts up to 75 mms by Saturday morning.

Early Saturday, Heavy rains watch out for Uttarakhand, adjoining UP,(districts of Bijnor, Muzzafarnagar, Meerut and Moradabad, with Meerut possibly getting 60-70 mms and Ghaziabad 50-60 mms.. and Western Nepal.Heavy rains to watch out in West MP ( Indore, Ujjain and Bhopal ), North Konkan.

Delhi NCR will get thunder showers and occasional showers. Rains may add up to 20-25 mms average.
So, mainly Thunder showers in Delhi NCR from Friday night thru Saturday night.

Mumbai will get occasional showers and spells of a heavy shower or two. Rains will amount to 30-40 mms average.
Eastern Outer Townships get very heavy rainfall and could add up to 80-90 mms in some towns.

A Low forms over the Northern Bay region.
The Southern Quadrant shows excessive clouding, hence heavy rains for AP ( coastal Districts). 
Heavy rains in North move into Punjab. All regions of Punjab get heavy rains on Sunday.
Western MP continues with heavy rains for one more day.

Mumbai will get showers with periods of bright intervals. Occasional heavier showers will interrupt the day with rains up to 35-40 mms.
Outer Townships will get showers amounting to 40-50 mms.
Delhi NCR: Chance of thunder shower in some parts, and around 10 mms where it rains.

Chennai: Sunday Chance of drifting Thunderstorms from the NW and North.

Three Days City Outlook:
Surat can expect showers on all days with rains around 15 mms/day.

Pune sees a increase in rainfall intensity on Satursday and Sunday, with amounting increasing to 20 mms on Saturday.

Goa: Friday thru Saturday will be overcast with regular showers, some drenching on Saturday. Daily rain amount will be around 50 mms on Friday and Sunday, and about 60 mms on Saturday.

Kolkata: Chances of passing showers in parts of he city, measuring up to 10  mms /day.

 Dalbandin was the hottest in Pakistan on Thursday at 45c.

The S W Monsoon current will be seen moving in to Northern Pakistan by Sunday. Pakistan Punjab will get heavy rains on Sunday. All towns and cities of Pak Punjab can expect rains . Northern Pakistan gets good rains this weekend. Islamabad can get heavy thunder showers.

Karachi has a chance of light showers on Friday. Saturday and Sunday see no chances of rains. Temperature range between 34 and 27c.
Nawabshah and Sukkar will be hot at around 42c, Sukkar could see a minimum of 31c on Sunday. 

In Nepal. Pokhra received heavy rains of 46 mms on Thursday. Kathmandu had light drizzles, with the day at 25c on Thursday.
Most of the rains will be in Western Nepal regions this weekend.

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