Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monsoon withdrawal not on time since 2005 ...
RT @rajugana: Baroda 1.28pm, Today it's sunny, hot n humid, Yestday it was cloudy with rain a pic
Chennai - now 10:24pm, S-W chennai can expect T.showers today. Already Heavy rain can be seen West of Chengelpet now.
Rainfall for E.central India and N-E states will continue till 24-Sep... But showers for S-W peninsula will be almost ZERO at that time.
Only 5% chance of showers for N,N-W India from Today... so the stage is set for Monsoon Withdrawal.
Rainfall intensity going down ALL over India except E.central, N-E states and S-E peninsula..
Heavy T.showers possible for Chennai, N-E.Tamilnadu, S,N.andhra coast till midnight of 22-Sep..
On 21-Sep, N.Bay is expected to pop another circulation .. and it'll join hands with already existing UAC over Bihar..
Today the circulation persisted over N.central Bengal ... and expected to move slightly W-N-W and persist till 21-Sep.
chennai - on midnight 16-Sep city recorded 7.6cm
chennai - after city recorded 2 day of midnight T.showers... today ALL day it was CLEAR, warm and HUMID. Chennai city recorded 4cm
RT @1prad:
cherrapunji got battered by extreme rainfall for past 3 days..
total rainfall- 470mm(47cm)