Monday, October 20, 2014

@KaushikRg >> #Chennai - Rainfall so far from midnight of Friday, 17-Oct-2014 till 8:30am, Today..
Nungambakkam = 256.2mm
Airport = 226.7mm

#Chennai - 3:15pm, Drizzles has almost stopped now!
NO rain expected for city during next 6hrs.
Showers to continue along central-coast of Tamilnadu during next 4hrs.

2:30pm, HEAVY rain along coast from S Andhra to S tip Tamilnadu, and fresh T showers popping over S,S-W,central TN 

Today, the weak low-level circulation is seen over Gulf Mannar and another over S-E Arabian sea ... 
TOmorrow evening, another weak circulation is expected to pop over S-S-W Bay near to E coast of Srilanka !

T showers expected to persist along Tamilnadu coast, Chennai and HEAVY, scattered over central,N-W,S Tamilnadu for next 36hrs.
@dataswft >> For #Chennai..
21st - Sharp showers, drizzles.
22nd (Diwali day) - Intermittent showers.
23rd - Less showers.

Weather Instagram at October 20, 2014 at 09:51AM

Chennai - 9:45am, heavy rain with thunder now over Polichalur. This is going to be a long spell. #weather

from Instagram

Chennai - 2am, moderate rain now over Polichalur zone.
GFS expects a "really" wet Monday till evening for entire Tamilnadu coast, Chennai.