Thursday, November 03, 2016

November 03, 2016 at 11:17PM

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90B is still a Depression and has moved NW again ... now nearing N-coast Andhra...

10pm, heavy convective activity continue to cloud over N,NW quadrants and in outer bands, now seen along Odisha & Bengal coast...

In next 36hrs, 90B is expected to move NW and then North upto Odisha coast.
Cyclone intensity possible ! 
90B, expected to near S coast Odisha and take a N,NNE curve  due to a WD travelling East across N India ...

After 36hrs, system is expected to get affected by "Dry air from North India" this can weaken the system ! ...

HEAVY, Very HEAVY widespread rain ahead for N-coast Andhra, Odisha coast during next 36hrs ...

Next 24hrs, T showers will continue to pop over S,central, W-ghats Kerala and over S,S-central Tamilnadu.
Clean looking #Chennai Radar at 10:30pm.
NO Rain for now and during next 3/4 days !
Expect some cold nights starting from Friday night !

90B is now a Depression.
Slowly intensifying!
Drifting NW "towards N-coast Andhra" .. 

2pm, Heavy convective activity continue to be over N,NW quadrant of 90B and it is nearing N-coast Andhra and Odisha coast ...

90B - Latest model forecast suggests only a NW track and then North.. 
It can develop into a Cyclone in next 24hrs ! ..

If 90B continues to track NW, then Showers will reduce along Tamilnadu coast and interiors after 18hrs from now.

On the other hand.. HEAVY, widespread rain expected to start along N,central coast Andhra  in 12hrs and Odisha coast around  24hrs from now ..

#Chennai - Considering NW movement of 90B.
City, suburbs can expect some more showers before morning and become dry !
#Chennai - upper-level winds have become North, slowly it'll become NW in next 24hrs .. less chance of rain after that !