Monday, May 24, 2010

Somali Jet.

AS on date [24.05.2010/1200 UTC)] the onset of Somali jet is NOT prominent. But Somali Jet has characteristics that it may abruptly become jet near Somali coast and the strong winds will be felt at 850hPa level. This is Low Level Jet. The onset of LLJ will occur two or three days prior to the onset of SW monsoon over Indian west coast. The Minicoy wind will be more indicative. No wind data available.[Radiosonde]
Today's (Monday,24th.) Readings:
Hottest in Asia: 51c in Nawabshah, Larkana and Jacobabad.
Hottest in India: 48.2c in Kota, and 48.1c at Ganganagar.
And now , the real hot stuff ! 
Hottest Night: 34.4c(+8c) in Jaipur and 33.5c in Ajmer.

Today's day in Mumbai was at 36.0c Colaba, and at 34.8c S'cruz. .Night was a gruelling 29.3c. This week will be partly cloudy and sweaty. Nights are getting to the 30c forecasted yesterday :)
No rain expected till Sunday, at least. 
Monsoon analysis @

Monsoon is 24hrs away for Cochin (Kochi)..
IMD has not declared S-W monsoon over South Kerala... 100% S. Kerala is getting good first monsoon showers at this time.
7:30pm, North Bay is calming down..while S-W monsoon is progressing into North Bay..
7:30pm, Isolated thunder squall over E.central Rajasthan ..
7:30pm, Heavy Thunder Showers over Orissa & Jharkand Border..
7:30pm, Heavy showers reported over South Kerala and over Kanyakumari district of extreme South Tamilnadu..
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RT @Monsoonexpress: Will soon bring u all the stories of the rains on the monsoon express.kerala getng soaked while delhi burns in the heat
Kerala to woo tourists with special monsoon package ...
RT @joyajith: Cloudy overcast day in trivandrum today feel more like sleeping than working
RT @vijaysanker: rain rain and raining again in trivandrum (7:43pm)
Nagercoil - Heavy and steady showers now 7:36pm from 5:30pm. Perfect S-W monsoon showers.
RT @NaghmaNDTV: Went to a beautiful green village bathed in rain ,close to can hear the clouds and the rain drop
RT @Monsoonexpress: Went to a beautiful green village bathed in rain ,close to can hear the clouds and the rain drop n the music

All India Rainfall data from 1-Jan-2010 to 23-May-2010

TN toppers from 1.1.10 to 23.5.2010
Pechiparai – 44 cm
Thalli – 37 cm
Kuzhithurai – 33 cm
Kodaikanal – 31 cm
Boothapandi – 30 cm
Andipatti – 27 cm
Valparai – 25 cm

India toppers from 1.1.10 to 23.5.2010
Cherrapunji - 478 cm
Passighat - 146 cm
Silchar - 138 cm
Dibrugarh - 115 cm
Itanagar - 104 cm
Dhubri - 98 cm
Gangtok - 95 cm
North Lakhimpur - 88 cm
Coochbehar - 78 cm
Guwahati - 68 cm
Lengpui 68 cm

posted by Pradeep
On 23-May, Kuzhithurai - Marthandam (Kanyakumari dt - Tamilnadu) has got 5 cm
RT @jeggusays: as the rain is awesome, the power went off... usual kerala experience... (3:35pm)
4pm, Showers continue over S-W Kerala, Thunder cells over N-E chatisgarh, S.central Jharkand ..
RT @happyjerom: Its monsoon in Kerala- my fav season. its so lovely.. the clouds descend upon u..if angry they thunder..
Nagercoil - Intermittent Moderate showers reported from Morning till now.
2:30pm, Showers over S-W kerala continue, North Bay is still active ..
Chennai - Temp. going down due to stiff S-E breeze .. now 3:25pm its 34.8°C
RT @iTerrorist: I am in Trivandrum and its raining....!!!! (2:55pm)
Chennai - Temperature going down fast .. now 2:25pm.. 36.7°C
Slight fall in maximum temperatures over parts of northwest and adjoining central India during next 48 hours
Isolated duststorm/thunderstorms may occur over Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan
On 23-may, highest maximum temperature of 47.7°C was recorded at Churu(Rajasthan)
Heat wave conditions are prevailing over Rajasthan, Gujarat , west Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha Madhya Maharashtra, Marathawada and Telengana.
Rain map of 23-May, Shows Showers along Orissa coast, Kerala, N-E states as usual ..
Chennai - 39.5°C (2:10pm)
Chennai - Heat pump is ON .. 39.2°C (1:37pm) and rising... will rise till 3pm. Will it touch 40 deg C?
@fabwrite >> NO... a remote 5% chance of thunder shower developing towards evening.
RT @radharadhakrish: Early morn drive fm Nagercoil 2 Nellai. Rocky hills, wind mills,
@arunsunny >> Is it raining there? If possible upload a snap shot from there. Enjoy the Early Monsoon.
RT @ArishSatheesan: Its raining here in coooooool... @iamsreekanth (11:31am)
RT @arunsunny: A rainy day in trivandrum...... (1:21pm)
RT @Dhan_an_JAY: Rain rain rain rain rain n only rain here :):) trivandrum (23-May, 9:48pm)
RT @agentsj: Never seen a rain of this magnitude yet :O Trivandrum (23-May, 6:04pm)
RT @shyama_menon: Little drops make a mighty ocean - Usha talks about rain water harvesting in Kerala
12:30pm, Showers continue to lash S-W coast of Kerala from Morning ..
Western railway gears up to face monsoon ...
Sri Lanka :: Monsoon in FULL flow ... flood affected over 500,000 people ...
IMD plans to offer weather updates on mobile phones ...
RT @piyush_veere: @weatherofindia : Patna,24may-- A thunderstorm with strong winds n heavy showers was witnessed early morning after 3am.
Early morning, S-W monsoon showers continue over South Extreme Kerala and Tamilnadu...
Chennai - CAPE factor near chennai is on higher side, suggesting possible T-showers towards evening. Valid next 48 hr..
@sanmugam >> Otherwise Chennai's temperature will touch 40 deg C with Clear skies and mild cool breeze from East towards evening.
@sanmugam >> in next 3 days, If the S-W monsoon current over Kerala coast sets in then we might have Evening thunder showers.
@sanmugam >> Very less chance of showers for Chennai in next 3 days.
RT @piyush_veere: - Cold winds from north-west continue to cool patna with only very light initial shower.Its very cloudy. (10:22pm, 23-may)
on 23-May, Coastal Orissa lashed by rains...
On 22-May, Cyclone Laila weakens into depression; triggers widespread rainfall in Orissa ...
Cyclone Laila affects salt production in Orissa‎ ...
Early morning, At last the remnant of Cyclone Laila has left coastal Andhra and Orissa, Now it's over North Bay..