Thursday, October 06, 2011

chennai - Good sea breeze continues.. T.showers may affect chennai in another 2 hrs or clear out for the day !!
Tamilnadu : 2 strong thunder storm group can be seen, one over S-W of Chengelpet and Another over N-W of Chengelpet.
6pm, As expected .. showers seen along Maharastra coast, N, S. Tamilnadu, central Karnataka ..
T.Showers for Central, N., coastal Tamilnadu, Chennai will continue till 10-Oct
For next 72hrs, some scattered showers forecast for Maharastra coast..
On 10-Oct, Bay along Chennai coast may produce a low level circulation ...
A trough from N-E Bay circulation will cut across S.peninsula and will extend upto Lakshadweep on 7,8-Oct
On 7-Oct-2011, E.central Bay will have a strong circulation while N.central Arabian sea will have an anti-cyclone.
Today, N-E central Bay is having a low level circulation ..
chennai - having good sea breeze upto .5km height
chennai - touched a max of 35.1 C (12:43pm), Humidity is high, Good cloud formations seen. Higher chance T.showers towards evening.