Sunday, November 11, 2007

Going to be DRY

Here take a look at the percipitation forecast for the coming mid-week... looks very sad for this time of year.
Going to be a BAD Monsoon.
Chennai should get 350MM of rainfall for the month of November, but as of now we have got only 33.6MM... boo that's only 10%.

'D' Moving North and Getting dry here

Today morning it was clear!
Then some thin clouds... Absolutely no sign of RAIN, this is bad for the Chennai people.
"No rain during this season" meaning... drinking water problem will come to chennai before April.
Already i can see the water table is going down, normally during this time of year the water table will be at the maximum.

In my next blog i'll try and get the details of current levels in water supply lakes around Chennai.

Now coming to the depression over Bay...pls take a look at the latest satellite pic.