Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Playing with Fire

An old woman had 3 daughters. One day she decided to test her Sons-in-law.

One day she was walking along a lakeshore with the first son-in-law. Purposefully, she fell down in the lake and started yelling for help.

The first son-in-law jumped into the water and dragged her out into the shore.

The next day he found a brand new E Class Mercedes in his door steps with the wordings "Thank you!!!-Your Mother-in-law who loves you very much!!!"

Another day she was walking along a lakeshore with the second son-in-law. Purposefully, she fell down in the lake and started yelling for help.

The second son-in-law jumped into the water and dragged her out into the shore.

The next day he found a brand new E Class Mercedes in his door steps with the wordings "Thank you!!!-Your Mother-in-law who loves you very much!!!"

The third time she was walking with the third son-in-law and she repeated the same. But that guy didn't respond to her cries for help and didn't move a single step to save her.

The poor old lady who wanted to test her sons-in-law drowned and died.
The next day he found a brand new Rolls-Royce in his doorsteps with the following wordings ...
"Thank you very much! Your Father-in-law! !!"

Cloudy & Clear

Yesterday (30-oct-2007) it was a cold and cloudy day. In the morning there was a chance of rain, but afternoon the clouds became high.

Now-today (31-oct-2007) it's clear skies, Humidity is high... This may be signs of things to come in coming 3 or 4 days.

As of now the earlier prediction for another LOW over bay during 1-Nov-2007 is nulled.
Let's see when ....
Take a look at the rain forecast for next 24 hrs

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tropical Cyclone 05A

It took a few days longer than had at first been forecast, but has happened--Tropical Cyclone 05A.
As seen on the latest infrared imagery...

...that is 05A along the 65th (East) meridian and the 10th (north) parallel. At the upper left the picture, there seems to be a name given for 05A: Bayarab.

The JTWC have rated 05A as a 40-knot (75-kph) tropical storm (as of 1200 hours GMT) with sluggish movement towards the west. The cyclone spent the first part of its life (which began Sunday) whirling in place.

Now that we have a defined weather system in TC 05A, the numerical forecasts have begin to close ranks about a consensus: that cyclone will track towards the west and northwest through the week. By the end of the week, 05A could land on the southeast mainland of Arabia, although a strike upon the island of Socotra (off NE Somalia) could happen Friday.

So a question remains open: how strong will 05A get? a hurricane? I do believe there is `room to grow` for 05A. It does have 28-29 degree water to work with. Then, too, are questions related to impact upon Arabia (southern Oman, eastern Yemen, anywhere else). Assuming a depression or tropical storm, it would go without saying that local excessive rain would be a threat. And scattered desert cloudbursts could arise from 05A`s moisture far inland.

--Recall (those who read regularly) the mention of a (elusive) Bay of Bengal cyclone. Thus far, no such thing is immanent. As of this writing, there is broad low pressure east of southern India, but not any hint of cyclone potential.

The Bay low has made for some torrential, flooding falls of rain over South East India. Foremost of the instances that I found on data was that of Nellore, southern Andhra Pradesh. Here, rainfall Sunday to Monday evening was 14.9 inches, or 377 mm. Earlier late-week rains boosted city rainfall to 18 inches. At Chennai, where rains of the North East Monsoon were slow to start, a weekend outburst left 171 mm, or 6.8 inches. This brought the city roughly two-thirds of its normal October rainfall.

Monday, October 29, 2007

After that depression, what next?

Chennai recorded 12cm of rain in past 24 hrs, which is good.
So the numerical forecast for 27 & 28th october was correct.
Here is another numeric forecast for 31st october thru 1st november.... signs of another BAY LOW... Lets see

Proved wrong

Just go thru the REPORT & FORECAST published in IMD website (below), and this report would have been published in all local newspapers and even announced in RADIO & TV. Based on these report the Tamilnadu Govenment has announce FULL holiday for schools & colleges on 29-Oct-2007.



Yesterday's low pressure area over Southeast and adjoining Southwest Bay concentrated into a depression and lies centered at 28/0830 IST over Southwest Bay at about 480 kilometres Southeast of Chennai. It is likely to intensify further and move in a West-Northwesterly direction and cross the coast between Puducherry and Kavali by tomorrow evening the 29th October 2007.

North East monsoon has been active over Tamilnadu and Kerala.

But what happened is.... The DEPRESSION crossed tamilnadu coast YESTERDAY (28-Oct-2007) itself, not on the date anounced by IMD (29-Oct-2007, Evening).
We know the reason for this sudden generation of depression and quick crossing into land is due to the tropical cyclone development over the Arabian Sea.

Lots more to come.
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another day to remember

Non-stop light-medium-heavy rain thru the day.

For past 24hrs rain record stands 101.8 MM at 7:09 PM

Previously a day to remember was 27-Oct-2005, 423 MM.

Rain still continues as i write... lets see when it stops..
Take a look at latest Satellite image and Forecast (generated on 27-oct-2007)

Latest Infrared INSAT pic

Brightest spots will have good rain.

Latest Lightning events

Joint typhoon warning center

Have a look at "Joint Typhoon Warning Center" maintained by US Navy.
Lots of info


At last a Depression

Yes, at last. There is a tropical depression over the mid-southern Arabian Sea. The JTWC have raised an alert to the potential for a tropical cyclone.

The GFS numerical forecast has a strong low (likely a cyclone) nearing the eastern shore of Yemen on the 1st and 2nd of November. This after a brush with Socotra, east of northern Somalia.

While the story remains rather the same (inconsistency in numerical forecasts=low confidence in their solutions), we are now closer to having a tropical cyclone.

Meanwhile, a low is now east of southern India. This low is forecast to deepen a little before drifting ashore in SE India. Such behavior would bring heavy falls of rain, perhaps to Chennai, which is far behind schedule in getting its fall (North East Monsoon) rains.

The idea of a cyclone aiming for the northern west coast (Gujarat) of India has been dropped by the newest forecasts. Should not be any surprise

Continuing rain

Here is the latest INSAT

From yesterday (27-oct-2007) afternoon... the rain was intermitent and Now (28-oct-2007,Sunday) it's raining non-stop.

Rain intensity is drizzle to medium, but non-stop.

As of now past 24 hrs rain in Chennai (28-Oct-2007, 12:34PM) is 65.6mm

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Latest from IMD 27-Oct-2007

Northeast monsoon has been active over Tamilnadu and Rayalaseema.

Rainfall occurred at most places over Lakshadweep, at many places over Tamilnadu, Rayalaseema, Kerala and South Interior Karnataka. Isolated rainfall occurred over Coastal Andhrapradesh. Mainly dry weather prevailed over Coastal Karnataka and dry weather prevailed over Telangana and North Interior Karnataka.

The following stations recorded very heavy to heavy rainfall in centimetres

Jayamkondam (Perambalur dt) 13, Cuddalore, Chidambaram (Cuddalore dt), Parangipettai, Kodavasal (Tiruvarur dt) and Ketti (Nilgiris dt) 11 each, Mayiladuthurai (Nagapattinam dt) 10, Kattumannarkoil (Cuddalore dt), Nannilam (Tiruvarur dt), Gudur and Venkatagiri Town (both Nellore dt) 9 each, Rapur (Nellore dt), Tiruvidaimaruthur (Thanjavur dt) and Ariyalur 8 each and Karaikal, Srimushnam (Cuddalore dt), Needamangalam (Tiruvarur dt), Orathanadu (Thanjavur dt), Coonoor, Kothagiri (Nilgiris dt), Kavali and Perinthalamanna (Malapuram dt) 7 each

IMD report 26-Oct-2007

North East monsoon has been Vigorous over South Coastal Andhrapradesh and active over Tamilnadu and Rayalaseema.

Rainfall occurred at most places over Lakshadweep, at many places over Tamilnadu, South Coastal Andhrapradesh and Rayalaseema and at a few places over Coastal and South interior Karnataka. Isolated rainfall occurred over Kerala. Mainly dry weather prevailed over North interior Karnataka and dry weather prevailed over North Coastal Andhrapradesh and Telengana.

The following stations recorded heavy rainfall in centimetres.

Venkatagiri Town (Nellore dt) 10, Rapur (Nellore dt) 8 and Cuddalore, Panruti (Cuddalore dt) and Omalur (Salem dt) 7 each.

Chennai AP: 2cm

Friday, October 26, 2007

Weather maps for next few days

Today we are having good showers from morning... North-east at its best.
It's likely the rain strength might pick up in days to come.
I'm waiting for a Depression or a Cyclone to form from Bay... in next 3 days.

Wait and see

Long wait for a Depression from Bay

Not much different from this time Wednesday. Fewer thunderstorms over land. Map analysis does show a low west of Lakshadweep (Arabian Sea), but no other pressure center is obvious. High cloud patterns hint at the high that is present, aloft, across the middle of India.

The Arabian Sea low is forecast (by numerical forecasts) to tighten and deepen towards the west, ultimately (5-7 days) nearing Socotra, the island off the `horn` of Somalia. It could become a tropical cyclone. The hitch? This solution differs from Wednesday`s; in other words, there is still uncertainty.

As with a western low, Thursday`s numerical forecasts also show an eastern low, as they have for the better part of a week. As with the western low, a Bay of Bengal low (tropical cyclone?) is forecast on a slower schedule than has earlier been indicated. But the location is consistent: east of South East India. To follow the GFS numerical forecast, see the COLA Website.

By the way, the latest (1200 hours GMT) run of the GFS has a strong tropical cyclone west of India recurving towards western Gujurat. It even shows heavy rain into Sindh, Pakistan. This would be towards the end of the first week in November. Anyways, I am not sure it is worth the time spent looking at it (seconds?).

Chennai to Coimbatore

Yesterday i was travelling from Chennai to Coimbatore (497KM) by train.
Started At 6:16AM from chennai central
It was clear and sunny when i started Now the rain bearing cloud cover is getting heavier...
Around 8:04AM reached Katpadi,
After that i had 2 masaal dosai and i vadai for Rs.28.00
Water everywhere due to overnite rains....
Thru the journey there were some heavy and light showers.. upto Salem.
After that dry thru to Coimbatore.

Full day in COimbatore...there was no rain.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Live Chennai Weather

More detailed LIVE chennai weather

Rain picking up

Monsoon Rain is picking up...
For details about last 24hrs rain Please take a look at the Doppler images provided by IMD. Doppler Image

Rainfall recorded in past 24 hrs...
Sirkali (Nagapattinam dt) 23, Chidambaram (Cuddalore dt) and Karaikal 17 each, Nagapattinam 16, Vedaranyam (Nagapattinam dt) 15, Thozhudur (Cuddalore dt) and Parangipettai 14 each, Tiruvidaimaruthur (Thanjavur dt) 13, Venkatagiri Town (Nellore dt) 12, Puducherry Airport, Mayiladuthurai (Nagapattinam dt), Nannilam and Thiruthuraipoondi (both Tiruvarur dt), Thiruvarur and Tada (Nellore dt) 10 each, Kattumannarkoil (Cuddalore dt), Kumbakonam (Thanjavur dt), Kodavasal, Mannargudi, Valangaiman and Muthupet (all Tiruvarur dt), Manamelkudi, Gudur (Nellore dt) and Tirupathi Airport 9 each, Orathanadu, Papanasam, Thirukattupalli and Thiruvaiyaru (all Thanjavur dt), Needamangalam and Thiruthuraipoondi (both Tiruvarur dt), Ariyalur, Jayamkondam (Perambalur dt) and Rajampet (Cuddapah dt) 8 each and Thanjavur, Adiramapattinam, Virudhachalam and Ulundurpet (both Villupuram dt), Villupuram, Perambalur, Thuraiyur (Tiruchirapalli dt), Lakkireddipalli (Cuddapah dt) and Agathi Airport 7 each.

The other chief amounts of rainfall recorded in centimetres are:

Vanur (Cuddalore dt), Pattukottai (Thanjavur dt), Lalgudi and Pullambadi (Tiruchirapalli dt), Cholavaram (Thiruvallur dt), Rapur and Sulurpet (both Nellore dt) and Gulbarga 6 each, Thiruvallur, Cuddalore, Panruti (Cuddalore dt), Gingee, Kallakurichi (both Villupuram dt), Arantangi, Gandarvakottai, Karambakudi and Perungalur (all Pudukottai dt), Ramanathapuram, Salem, Yercaud, Ketti (Nilgiris dt), Mayanur (Karur dt), Thathaiyangarpet (Tiruchirapalli dt), Thiruchirapalli, Thiruchirapalli Airport, Red Hills and Thamaraipakkam (both Thiruvallur dt) and Seetharamapuram (Nellore dt) 5 each, Vallam (Thanjavur dt), Alankudi, Keeranur and Viralimalai (all Pudukottai dt), Tiruvannamalai, Ambur (Vellore dt), Dharmapuri, Denkanikottai, Soolagiri and Uthangarai (all Krishnagiri dt), Paramathi Velur and Tiruchengode (both Namakkal dt), Valapadi (Salem dt), Kothagiri (Nilgiris dt), Vembavur (Perambalur dt), Kodaikanal, Poondi (Thiruvallur dt), Nellore, Atmakur (Nellore dt), Vempalli (Cuddapah dt), Gokak (Belgaum dt), Raichur, Ajjampura and Panchanahalli (both Chickmagalur dt), Hosadurga, Srirampura and Hiriyur (all Chitradurga dt) 4 each, Chengalpattu and Madhuranthagam (both Kanchipuram dt), Kanchipuram, Poonamalle and Ponneri (both Thiruvallur dt), Sankarapuram and Thirukoilur (both Villupuram dt), Thirumayam (Pudukottai dt), Thiruvadanai (Ramanathapuram dt), Chengam, Polur and Sathanurdam (all Thiruvannamalai dt), Harur, Pennagaram and Pappireddipatti (all Dharmapuri dt), Barur and Thali (both Krishnagiri dt), Krishnagiri, Mangalapuram, Rasipuram and Sendamangalam (all Namakkal dt), Omalur (Salem dt), Bhavanisagar and Perundurai (both Erode dt), Erode, Coonoor, Kundhabridge (Nilgiris dt), Karur Paramathi, Kulithalai (Karur dt), Chettikulam (Perambalur dt), Manaparai, Marungapuri and Musiri (all Tiruchirapalli dt), Devakottai, Karaikudi and Tirupathur (all Sivagangai dt), Korattur (Thiruvallur dt), Porumamilla (Cuddapah dt), Dharmavaram, Chilamattur, Madakasira and Kadiri (all Ananthapur dt), Mangalore Airport, Afzalfur (Gulbarga dt), Chickmagalur, Lingadahalli, Shivani, Tarikere, Kadur and Yegati (all Chickmagalur dt), Gowribidanur (Kolar dt), Hessarghatta (Bangalore Urban dt), Hosekote (Bangalore Rural dt), Huliyurdurga and Koratagere (both Tumkur dt) 3 each.
Chennai AP: 14mm
Chennai: 15mm
Source IMD, Chennai.

Bay watch

It shows an unsettled setting from the southeastern Arabian Sea and southern India to western Indonesia and the Malay Peninsula. Ill-defined cores seem to be near southern India and near Sumatra. The pattern of high cloud (whitest is coldest and thus highest) to the west suggests upper winds about a ridge, aloft, fanning these clouds westward and northward; the ridge would be anchored over eastern India. This radial flow could be supportive for the growth of a tropical depression in the area, most likely west of southern India, were it to persist.

Lowest pressure now has two centers: one is east of Sri Lanka and the other over the Laccadive Sea. I believe that the one to watch here is the western one, given what I am seeing on numerical weather forecasts. Make no mistake about it, though: there is not yet a consensus as to where and when any depression or cyclone would happen. Indeed, I do not see this as a `done deal` yet.

Latest numerical forecasts include the GFS, which is slow to grow a low over the Arabian Sea. It eventually (after November 5th) brings rain to southern Oman. It also suggests a southern Bay low, but the timing is different--later by 2-3 days--than had been earlier shown.

The NOGAPS has two lows developing including a Bay low that lands in SE India at about Oct 28. This is once again slower than earlier forecast runs. The NOGAPS has a stronger Arabean Sea low--further west and faster--than the GFS.

The ECMWF from earlier Tuesday shows a strong low (if true, it would be an important tropical cyclone) ominously near to southern Oman by October 30th. As for the Bay, the trend is in line with the other models: a low (depression or cyclone) that is shown to be slower to form than on earlier model runs.

It is still a waiting game without much confidence. The time of year is right for a depression or cyclone--and so is the overall weather setting. Yet it may take another few days to get a basic idea of where any such weather system, or systems, takes shape.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Numeric forecast for 25-Oct updated

Still we can see a LOW forming over the bay of bengal.

Below is the rainfall forecast for 25-Oct.

North-east update

A new weather setting has taken hold compared to that of early last week. Then, an upper trough straddled northern India and southwesterlies (the last of the South West Monsoon) were still wetting the far-northeast of the Subcontinent. Now, high pressure has built aloft over the Subcontinent and has shut off the SW Monsoon over Bangladesh and nearby India. Farther south, a broad low has spread over southern India and Sri Lanka, the results being the blow-up of showers and thunderstorms suggested by the above infrared cloud shot (IMD).

The pressure as of Monday evening, local time, is 2-4 millibars higher over Bangladesh than over Sri Lanka. This is enough to drive a weak (north)easterly wind flow over the western Bay of Bengal, so we should be looking at the first days of a North East Monsoon.

Numerical forecasts do not agree as to the coming weather for the greater North Indian Ocean region, although there are important aspect wherein there is agreement. As I had talked up last week, there is still the suggestion that a tropical depression (or cyclone) will happen over the Bay of Bengal later this week. Timing for a visit to the Tamil Nadu coast of India was indicated for the 26th or the 27th. Today, numerical models are not agreed as to this (other than the NOGAPS, which still shows it).

One cause of the straying of the model solutions lies with the low over southern India. There is an tendency on the part of the numerical forecasts to take this low to the southern Arabian Sea, where it would compete with and perhaps slow the growth of any Bay low. By the way, the seeds of any Bay low may already be sown in the blow-up of cloud and rain over Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula (see the satellite image). The last two to three days have seen rainfall of 33 cms, or 13.0 inches, at Sibolga, western Sumatra.

Both the GFS and the ECMWF show lows over the Arabian Sea looking forward 5-7 days. And the longer range outlook of the GFS even shows low pressure reaching southeastern Arabia with rain. This is forecast about two weeks forward in time--far too far ahead for any meaningful confidence.

MSN Foreca

A good way to know your weather.
Provided by MSN and Foreca. Have a look at it here

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monsoon Picking up

Today the Northeast monsoon picked up in strength, but still i think it's weak. Today the low cloud movement is from NORTH, this is also not good sign. For rains to become heavy it should come from EAST, straight from the SEA. Anyway monsoon weather is nice to see & feel. Here is the latest Insat pic.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Numerical forecast for 25-oct

This forecast is for 25-oct-2007.
You can see a LOW formation over the south-east bay of bengal... will it form or ???

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Forecast for 24-oct show...

Numerical forecast for 24-oct shows a deep low formation over south-east bay of bengal. Take a look ...

North-east forecast

Shifts are happening this week that hint at the start of the North East Monsoon in India. The South West Monsoon, which has been slightly slow in withdrawing, has clung to power in the North East. This has been helped by an upper trough in the sub-tropical jet stream (`western disturbance`) over northern India. Numerical forecasts have been consistent in showing that the upper trough will soon be kicked eastwards leading the westerly flow over the northern Subcontinent to `flatten`. This should boost pressure to the north relative to that over southern India and nearby tropical seas. This would weaken, if not reverse, what remains of the South West Monsoon.

Another factor for flipping the wind flow over India is a tropical depression, or cyclone, that is indicated for the Bay of Bengal on or about the middle of next week. To be sure, this is not a `done deal`, but it has been shown rather consistently for a few days. Anyways, such a low would further bolster the weakening and ultimate reversal of the seasonal wind flow.

A would-be harbinger of the North East Monsoon, which brings with it the seasonal rains to southeastern India, can be seen on the COLA Website. This is the Short Term Climate Outlook, which is compiled from GFS numerical forecasts. In the second week of the two-week outlook, there is a big blow-up of rainfall over East and South East, India.

At last arrived

The northeast monsoon has arrived over chennai.
Initially the showers will be of low intensity.

The first small shower was around 6 AM, 20-Oct-2007.
As of now the showers are not widespread but soon it'll be heavy and widespread.
Let's see how it develops.

Friday, October 19, 2007

IT highway Chennai

Indian IT employee

Before I started working for myself, I spent some years in some of the top IT companies in India and still have many friends working in various software companies. I wrote a blog Recruiting like crazy, about the same time last year about how Indian companies are recruiting like there's no tomorrow and the possible consequences. However I was avoiding writing this particular piece as it seems like an unpatriotic thing to do, to tell the world how bad the working conditions in software companies in India have become. And there's always the risk of excerpts being used out of context to bash up IT in India.

I am now writing this because I just keep hearing horror tales from the industry and it doesn't seem like anything is being done in the matter, so I thought I will do my bit and write.

First and foremost, before stereotypes about India kick in, I would like to clarify that I am not saying that Indian software companies are sweat shops where employees aren't being paid and made to work in cramped uncomfortable places. The pay in software companies is very good as compared to other industries in India and the work places are generally well furnished and plush offices. India being a strong democracy, freedom of expression is alive and well and Indians are free to express their opinions and voice their concerns. Yet, I say that the software industry is exploiting its employees.

IT work culture in India is totally messed up and has now started harming the work culture of the nation as a whole. Working 12+ hours a day and 6 or even 7 days a week is more the rule than the exception.


A majority of IT people suffer from health problems.As most of the IT workforce is still very young, the problem isn't very obvious today but it will hit with unbearable ferocity when these youngsters get to their 40s.
Stress levels are unbelievable high. Stress management is a cover topic in magazines and newspapers and workshops on the subject are regularly overbooked.
Most IT people have hardly any social / family life to talk of.
As IT folk are rich by Indian standards, they try to buy their way out of their troubles and have incurred huge debts by buying expensive houses, gizmos and fancy cars.
Plush offices, fat salaries and latest gizmos can give you happiness only if you have a life in the first place.

The reason I feel this culture has emerged, is the servile attitude of the companies. Here's a tip for any company in the west planning to outsource to India. If you feel that a project can be completed in 6 weeks by 4 people, always demand that it be completed in 2 weeks by 3 people.

Guess what, most Indian companies will agree. The project will then be hyped up as an "extremely critical" one and the 3 unfortunate souls allocated to it will get very close to meeting the almighty by the time they deliver the project in 2 weeks. Surprisingly, they will deliver in 2-3 weeks, get bashed up for any delays and the company will soon boast about how they deliver good quality in reasonable time and cost. Has anyone in India ever worked on a project that wasn't "extremely critical"?

I was once at a session where a top boss of one of India's biggest IT firms was asked a question about what was so special about their company and his answer was that we are the "Yes" people with the "We Can Do It " attitude. It is all very well for the top boss to say "We Can Do It ".. what about the project teams who wish to say "Please....We Can't Do It " to the unreasonable timelines...I was tempted to ask "What death benefits does your company offer to the teams that get killed in the process?". I sure was ashamed to see that a fellow Indian was openly boasting about the fact that he and his company had no backbone. The art of saying No or negotiating reasonable time frames for the team is very conspicuous by its absence. Outsourcing customers more often than not simply walk all over Indian software companies. The outsourcer surely cannot be blamed as it is right for him to demand good quality in the least cost and time.

Exhaustion = Zero Innovation
How many Indians in India are thought leaders in their software segment? - Very few
How much software innovation happens in India? - Minimal
Considering that thousands of Indians in India use Open Source software, how many actually contribute? - Very few
Surprisingly, put the same Indian in a company "in" the US and he suddenly becomes innovative and a thought leader in his field. The reason is simple, the only thing an exhausted body and mind can do well, is sleep. zzzzzz

I can pretty much bet on it that we will never see innovation from any of 10000+ person code factories in India.

If you are someone sitting in the US, UK... and wondering why the employees can't stand up, that's the most interesting part of the story

Thursday, October 18, 2007

India Stats

Why INDIA is in trouble?

Population: 100 crore
9 crore retired
30 crore in state Govt
17 crore in central Govt
(Both Category don't work)
1 crore IT professional (don't work for India)
25 crore in school
1 crore r under 5 years
15 crore unemployed
1.2 crore u can find anytime in hospitals
Statistics says u find 79,99,998 people anytime in jail

Doppler Images

"Surface Rainfall Intensity"

Signs of Monsoon

Today morning around 10AM we had some symptoms of the all waited North-east monsoon.
Only sprinkles of rain was there, nothing much.
Today some rain bearing clouds started moving in from East-North-East of chennai.

I'll get my Digi cam ready for the arrival shower.
The first shower might be on 20-Oct-2007.
Lets wait and find out.

Live cricket links and video

Here you can watch LIVE T20 Ind v Aus, Mumbai on 20-Oct-2007, 19:00 IST

You can watch WWF videos here from "Ten Sports"

Other channels for LIVE cricket are

More to come soon...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Slow withdrawal

That means late North-east monsoon for Chennai...
According to me we can expect the monsoon to set on or before 20-oct-2007.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Longitudes - Latitudes

Latitude : 11.00 N
Longitude : 78.00 E

Latitude and Longitude of Important locations in Tamilnadu
Location Latitude Longitude
Adirampattinam 10.21 N 79.25 E
Ambasamudram 8.43 N 77.29 E
Ambur 21.50 N 78.45 E
Anaimalai Hills 10.24 N 76.40 E
Arakkonam 13.05 N 79.43 E
Arantangi 10.10 N 79.02 E
Arcot 12.56 N 79.24 E
Arni 12.40 N 79.19 E
Aruppukkotai 9.31 N 78.08 E
Attur 11.36 N 78.39 E
Atur 10.16 N 77.53 E
Bodinayakkanur 10.01 N 77.24 E
Calimere, Point 10.18 N 79.52 E
Carnatic 12.00 N 80.00 E
Chidambaram 11.24 N 79.44 E
Chingleput 12.42 N 80.01 E
Coimbatore 11.00 N 77.00 E
Comorin, C. 8.04 N 77.36 E
Coromandel Coast 12.00 N 80.30 E
Cuddalore 11.43 N 79.49 E
Devakottai 9.57 N 78.53 E
Dhanushkodi 9.10 N 79.28 E
Dharapuram 10.45 N 77.34 E
Dharmapuri 12.08 N 78.13 E
Dindigul 10.22 N 78.00 E
Dodabetta. Mt. 11.25 N 76.46 E
Ennore 13.14 N 80.22 E
Erode 11.20 N 77.46 E
Fort St David 11.45 N 79.50 E
Fort St George 13.04 N 80.17 E
Gudiyatam 12.57 N 78.55 E
Hospur 12.44 N 77.52 E
Jalarpet 12.34 N 78.37 E
Javadi hills 12.40 N 78.40 E
Kanchipuram 12.50 N 79.45 E
Karur 10.58 N 78.07 E
Kaveri R. 11.20 N 77.50 E
Kayalpatnam 8.34 N 78.10 E
Kilakarai 9.14 N 78.50 E
Kodaikanal 10.13 N 77.32 E
Krishnagiri 12.32 N 78.16 E
Kumbakonam 10.58 N 79.25 E
Madras (Chennai) 13.04 N 80.17 E
Madurai 9.58 N 78.10 E
Madurantakam 12.30 N 79.56 E
Mahabalipuram 12.37 N 80.14 E
Mannargudi 10.40 N 79.29 E
Mayuram 11.06 N 79.42 E
Mettupalaiyam 11.18 N 76.59 E
Mettur Dam 11.52 N 77.50 E
Nagarjunasagar Dam 16.50 N 79.20 E
Nagercoil 8.11 N 77.29 E
Namakkal 11.13 N 78.13 E
Nanguneri 8.29 N 77.44 E
Neiveli 10.31 N 79.24 E
Pachaimalai Hills 11.15 N 78.3 E
Padmanabhapuram 9.06 N 76.5 E
Palayankottal 8.43 N 77.46 E
Palladam 10.59 N 77.2 E
Pallavaram 12.58 N 80.13 E
Pallivasal 9.55 N 77 E
Palni Hills 10 N 77 E
Panruti 11.47 N 79.35 E
Paramakkudi 9.31 N 78.39 E
Pattukkottal 10.26 N 79.22 E
Perambalur 11.14 N 78.56 E
Periyakulam 10.07 N 77.35 E
Pollachi 10.39 N 77.03 E
Ponneri 13.2 N 80.15 E
Porto Novo 11.3 N 79.48 E
Pudukkottal 10.23 N 78.52 E
Pulicat, L. 13.25 N 80.21 E
Rajapalayam 9.27 N 77.36 E
Ramanathapuram 9.22 N 78.52 E
Rameswaram 9.17 N 79.22 E
Salem 11.39 N 78.12 E
Sankaranayinarkovil 9.1 N 77.35 E
Sattur 9.21 N 77.58 E
Satyamangalam 11.3 N 77.17 E
Seven Pagodas 12.37 N 80.14 E
shencottah 8.59 N 77.18 E
shevaroy Hills 12 N 78.3 E
St. Thomas Mount 13 N 80.14 E
Tenkasi 8.58 N 77.21 E
Thanjavur (Tanjore) 10.47 N 79.10 E
Tindivanam 12.14 N 79.42 E
Tiruchchirappalli 10.50 N 78.46 E
Tiruchendur 8.30 N 78.11 E
Tiruchengodu 11.23 N 77.56 E
Tirukkoyilur 11.58 N 79.15 E
Tirumangalam 9.49 N 79.01 E
Tirunelveli 8.44 N 77.44 E
Tiruppur 11.05 N 77.20 E
Tiruvallur 13.09 N 79.57 E
Tiruvannamalai 12.15 N 79.07 E
Tondi 9.45 N 79.04 E
Tranquebar 11.01 N 79.54 E
Turaiyur 11.09 N 78.38 E
Tuticorin 8.48 N 78.11 E
Udagamandalam 11.24 N 76.44 E
Udamalpet 10.36 N 77.17 E
Udiyarpalaiyam 11.11 N 79.20 E
Uttangarai 12.16 N 78.35 E
Vaniyambadi 12.41 N 78.39 E
Vellore 12.55 N 79.11 E
Villupuram 11.57 N 79.32 E
Virudhunagar 9.35 N 77.57 E
Vriddhachalam 11.32 N 79.24 E
Wandiwash 12.30 N 79.30 E
Yercaud 11.48 N 78.13 E

About North-East monsoon

The Northeast Monsoon

One of the great seasonal wind shifts is that of East and Southeast Asia between the height of summer and the end of fall. Whereas summer`s winds tend to blow from the south and west, those of mid to late fall, on the other hand, waft in from the north and east, especially from central China to Indochina. This shift can be seen as the breathing-in of the wind over summer`s sun-heated landscape followed by its exhaling as the land cools with the weakening solar input of fall.

Needless to say, shifting wind patterns on the scale of thousands of miles weigh heavily upon the weather in areas of monsoon climate like those of southern and eastern Asia. In the extreme, there can be striking contrasts in rainfall between as one seasonal wind flow gives way to its compliment.

One area where the Northeast Monsoon brings a big outpouring of rain in the latest summer and fall is the area bordering the western South China Sea, especially the central half of Vietnam. As the Northeast Monsoon takes hold, steamy tropical air off the sea gets driven against the Vietnam highlands, the outcome being the wringing out of torrential rains each and every year. In the wettest of months, normal rainfall can reach two to three feet.

Since Friday, rainfall as of late Monday night, local time, was 10.2 inches, or nearly 26 cms, at Hue, Vietnam. About 9 inches--23 cms--splashed Dong Hoi within this same span of time. At Danang, 4.3 inches (11 cms) poured forth in six hours, alone, Monday night. Yet none of these amounts would be unusual. Another spot hard-hit by seasonal rain was southern Hainan Island, China. Here, one foot of rain (about 30 cms) fell between Friday and Monday evening, local time.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Google Earth

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Create visually powerful presentations
Export high-resolution images up to 11" x 17" (4800 pixels, sample print - 890k), and use them in documents, presentations, web or printed materials. You audience can come along for the ride as you create your own compressed movies (.wmv, sample movie - 13MB) of the zooms and virtual tours you take in Google Earth.

Explore the Sky
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

"cheena Thaana 007"

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Low pressures

List of all low pressures during South-west monsoon 2007. Take a look ..

South west monsoon 2007

For the country as a whole, the seasonal rainfall from 1st June to 30th September was 105% of its long period average (LPA)

Seasonal rainfall was excess by 26% over South Peninsula. It was deficient (15% below LPA) over Northwest (NW) India, 8% above LPA over Central India and 4% above LPA over Northeast (NE) India.

Out of the 36 meteorological sub-divisions, the seasonal (June-September) rainfall was excess in 13 and normal in 17 sub-divisions. However, it was deficient in 6 sub-divisions.

Out of 513 meteorological districts for which data were available, 72% of the meteorological districts received excess/normal rainfall and the remaining 28% received
deficient/scanty rainfall during the season. 77 districts (15%) experienced moderate drought and 30 districts (6%) experienced severe drought at the end of the season.

Five sub-divisions (viz. West Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and east Madhya Pradesh) experienced moderate drought conditions (rainfall deficiency of 26% to 50%) at the end of the season.

Or visit
for more.

Slow South-west withdrawal

This year, there was an unusual delay in the withdrawal of monsoon from extreme west Rajasthan, due to the prevalence of cyclonic circulations, availability of moisture and sporadic rainfall over the region. However, the southwest monsoon withdrew from western parts of Rajasthan and some parts of Punjab and Haryana on 30th September. The normal date of withdrawal from west Rajasthan is 15th September. During the period 1960-2006, the most delayed date of monsoon withdrawal from extreme west Rajasthan was 28th September, which occurred in the years 1964 & 1970. In the year 1990 also the withdrawal started as late as 27th September.

--- Taken from

It seems our North-East monsoon will be late :(

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Weather summary

The south-west monsoon 2007 is almost at it's end.
Chennai is experiencing high cloud cover with temperatures hovering around 36 degree.
Day-by-day, the southwest air current is getting weaker.
Good signs.

Latest India forecast and report taken from
A Monsoon low has drifted ashore as of Monday over the Delta of Bangladesh. In its wake, two-day rainfall has been 6-8 inches (15-20 cms) at Barisal, Chittagong and Cox`s Bazar. Weakening northeastwards, the low will dissipate against the eastern Himalaya Tuesday. Here, the mountain slopes will wring out some torrential falls of rain.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Typhoon Krosa

Take a look at this BIG eyed typhoon "Krosa" motoring towards south east Taiwan.

Friday, October 05, 2007

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Very Hot day

A Hot and Sultry day, that too in October.
These are signs of Sout-west monsoon withdrawal and making way for the all expected North-East monsoon to set in.
Today's high was 36.3 degree.
Hazy sky with mild wind from South-west.
Only high clouds mostly, but in the evening slight rain happened around Southern area
of Chennai.
India again lost to Australia in 3rd ODI at Hyderabad.

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Enjoy Coding!

Ind v Aus - LIVE

Watch Ind v Aus (3rd One day)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Any literal meaning for Bandh??
(Bandh - stop people from working to win a deal)
We have started October with a Bang --- sorry, BANDH.
The ruling government is arranging a Bandh... good to hear...he he ehe.
Bandh is not Ahimsa... or Non-violence... but it's a form of VIOLENCE.

People should not accept any bandh in future of Indian Democracy.

2007 South west withdraw

Here is the 2007-Southwest Monsoon withdraw chart.

It's Bit slow in receeding.

In coming days there is a chance of depression on the bay of bengal.

Latest INSAT imagery

Distant electric storm - 29-Sep-2007

These pics were taken using a mobile (k700i) on 29-Sep-2007 around 6 PM.
Cloud formation at south-south-west of chennai.

4 day summary

Past 4 days i was not well and away from my office.
Well, what to say about weather. It was mild and cloudy with sunshine inbetween.
On saturday there was a HEAVY thundershower from south-south-west, unfortunately it did'nt reach the central part of chennai.
There were showers on the outskirts.
Sunday, again there was some electric shower formation, but that also failed to reach fully. Only ended up with some drizzles.
Monday, Small thundercloud formations during the evening around North-east and North.
This is weird, before the south-west monsoon has fully withdrawn.
According to the weather forecast by the Met department, the south-west monsoon has started withdrawing.
We can expect our North-east monsoon to set over chennai around 15th of october.
I'm excited.