Monday, November 05, 2007

Forecast for Diwali

According to my forecast... there'll be some light showers otherwise the day will be partly cloudy.

Here is some numeric forecast for Diwali day (8-Nov-2007).

Sunday - to - Sunday

Last sunday (28-oct-2007) we had a depression crossed and vanished within 24 hrs.

Yesterday (4-Nov-2007) also we had a LOW pressure system crossed tamilnadu and vanished within 24 hrs.

Take a look at the satellite pic and see it for yourself.

Yet, there was heavy showers for SOME parts of chennai. City recording around 40 MM of rain. More widespread showers over most parts of Tamilnadu.

In southern India as a whole, light wind flow will favor hit-or-miss thunderstorms over the next few days and not the focused east-coast rains of the North East Monsoon.