Monday, November 24, 2008

More to come...

From friday evening... we are experiencing FULLY cloudy conditions with shower bursts inbetween.
Saturday full day we had drizzles. Almost non-stop.
And saturday night and thru to sunday morning we had short showers.
On Sunday morning there was a lull, but with lots of cloud formations around.
At around 12pm we had a super shower with lightning.
After that a lull then at around 9:30 PM we had another super shower this time with squally winds.

THe north-east monsoon is in full swing over tamilnadu.
The rains are widespread.

Rameshwaram (Ramanathapuram dt) recorded a heavy rainfall of 7 centimetres (till sunday 8:30 AM)
And Chennai recorded 3cm.

Going by latest satellite pic and LONG range numeric model...

More rain to come.
Lot's of moisture in south-bay.
More cloud activity can be seen.

And importantly a long range model shows a SUPER cyclone near tamilnadu or south-central bay.
2 models from 2 different website state the same thing.. take a look.
Soon we can see a swirl in BAY.