Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RT @archvivekh: NE monsoon has struck the City! Lightening and Thunder not letting me sleep! The heavens have unleashed their wrath! 10:31pm

RT @OneMangoAdmi: so its raining idlis and sambar in chennai now #chennai #rains @weatherofindia #besantnagar 10:12pm

Chennai -after 7pm, intermittent sharp showers continue. 10:33pm, heavy rain now over Polichalur zone!

RT @ramyells: Pleasant cool weather, wish I was at home eating maggi #chennai 26 deg at 4.18pm  >> To be exact 27.2°C at 4:40pm
3:30pm, Heavy rain over S.Kerala & S.tip Tamilnadu, and Monsoon showers seen ALL along central,N.Tamilnadu coast .. 
COLA predicts by Saturday, the low level circulation will enter into Gulf Mannar .. very heavy rains ahead .. 
COLA predicts, From tomorrow evening Heavy and widespread rain ALL along Tamilnadu coast till 21/22-Oct .. 

Due to Low level circulation coming into Gulf Mannar.. Very heavy rain forecast for S.Tamilnadu & S.Kerala on 19,20,21. 
Next easterlies will push into E,S-E.Bay by 20-Oct...

Present W.D is almost vanished from Kashmir today.! And next is expected by Saturday, 20-Oct.. 
Monsoon along N,central.Tamilnadu coast will pick strength from early hours of 18-Oct..

This first round of rains are expected to last till 22-Oct.. !

A circulation has popped over S.Bay and it's expected to move West towards Srilanka ..

Monsoon current is expected to strengthen from 18-Oct, tomorrow ..

Today's S.Bay circulation will travel West and enter into Gulf Mannar on 19-Oct.. Heavy rain ahead for S.Tamilnadu.. 
RT @aash_tvm: Hoo! Its raining here at #Trivandrum from noon! @weatherofindia (3:06pm)
N-E monsoon has set in along S.Andhra coast, N,central.Tamilnadu coast ... more moisture will push in from Bay as the day goes by.

RT @senthilvijay: Heavy rain in north #chennai #Tiruvottiyur. Welcome back NEW @weatherofindia 8:05am

Chennai - 7:09am, next round of sharp showers is slowly nearing city.

Chennai - 7am, monsoon style showers has started. More showers will move in from east or north east from now on.

1. SWM has withdrawn from the entire region North of 12N and the NE States. 

From Friday, 19th, the Southern most Peninsula tip, below 12N, will see a change of wind direction. From the current North in interior TN and NW in Kerala, the entire region will experiences East winds, and coastal TN E/NE winds. 
This change indicates the reversal of the SWM and setting of the NEM.

Wed/Thursday/Friday:  will be cloudy to overcast, with rainfall increasing from Thursday 18th, with NE winds being gusty at times.

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