Sunday, June 08, 2014

080614 95 A

 [1] The power source  is oscillating.

[2] The cross equatorial winds are NOT touching horn of Africa nor in strength and Arabian Sea branch is again going to be weak.  

[3] The 95A [a WML] will be drawing winds from Indian Ocean and Kerala Coast will be gradually free from monsoon rains.

[4] Similarly formation of UAC in the Bay may be evident due to the weakened strength of monsoonal flow in the Bay.

[5] 95 A may be of the same status with 1007 hPa and move in west and NWly direction.

[6] The surface level trough in EAST coast [may be called as monsoon trough] is not as feeble as compared to its counter part in Arabian Sea.

[7] Soon Depression may develop and it will move in west and nWly direction to cross EAST coast to give rainfall in coastal AP

Amazing Thunderstorm infornt of Cumulonimbus cloud 1 june 2014 Kabarwala...