Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Badlapur Overall Weather in April 2014.

Presentation of temp in graph which shows the temp behavior for April 2014 ! Please click on above image for better view..

This year, April was warmer than normal & 40c plus temp was recorded for 6 times in Badlapur..
RT @sangymangi: @weatherofindia Heavy rain with thunder for the last 20 mins in Madurai, Tamilnadu. (4:45pm)

#Madurai rain near #Arasaradi devagi hospital ..

Tuticorin - 4:23pm, "T showers in Western vicinity" ... 

RT @cheeku_n: Massive rains in Kottayam #wishthisischennai @weatherofindia (4:23pm)

2:30pm, T showers seen over S,S-E Tamilnadu, S.central Kerala, S Maharastra ... 

RT @bijunarayan: Rain on my window.... #Trivandrum (1:34pm)
RT @markiv_in: @weatherofindia Rains just stopped in Trivandrum (3:09pm)
Nagercoil (S Tamilnadu) - 1:25pm, "T showers for past 30 min"

Analysis show a very-low-level circulation over N-N-E Madyapradesh and its trough seen upto N-central Maharastra to S Tamilnadu.
At 850hpa levels, trough seen from E Madhyapradesh to S,S-S-W Maharastra and to N-W Karnataka ... 

Today, a circulation seen over Gulf Mannar along S tip Tamilnadu ...
And expected to persist.. 
A low-level circulation seen over N Bangladesh, N Bengal... and trough seen South to N Bay ... 

In Next 2 days, low-level circulation expected over Bihar and its trough to run thru N Chatisgarh, E Maharastra, N,N-W Andhra to Gulf Mannar
Meanwhile, the Gulf Mannar , S tip Tamilnadu circulation is also expected to persist during next 2 / 3 days ... 

Today, before midnight T showers expected over S,W Tamilnadu, S,central,N, W-ghats Kerala ... 
Before midnight, T showers also expected for S,S-W,N,N-W,N-E Karnataka, N,N-central,N-E Andhra, S,S-W Maharastra ... 
Heavy, scattered T showers to continue over N,N-central,E Bangladesh, N Bengal, Sikkim into N,central N-E states.!
T showers also expected along central,S W-ghats, W Maharastra during next 24hrs !

On 29-Apr, Barmer records 46.8 C

#HOT at 12:30pm... "HOT Everywhere"
Lucknow = 43 C
Varanasi = 42C
Nagpur = 41C
Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Amristar = 40 C
Patna = 38 C

Some #HOT cities at 12:30pm...
#Delhi = 41 C
Hyderabad = 38 C
#kolkata = 37 C
#Chennai, #Bengaluru = 36 C
#Mumbai = 32 C

Temperature anomaly from 20-Apr to 26-Apr shows, LESS heat over N-W,central, S-Peninsula India ... 

Super #HOT 40s on 29-Apr...
Ganganagar = 44.2 C
Bikaner = 44 C
Hissar = 42.7C
Jaipur = 43 C
Barmer = 46.8 C
Ahmedabad = 42.9 C
Super #HOT 40s on 29-Apr...
Rajkot = 42.7 C
Jamshedpur = 42.8 C
Akola = 44.5 C
Nizamabad = 43C
Rentachintala = 44.2 C
Anantapur = 42.2 C

Last 3 days in Tirunelveli (S Tamilnadu)