Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rainfall till morning of 12-Jan:: Amini Divi and Rabkhavi (Bagalkote dt) 3 cm
More showers for Karnataka & Maharastra in next 24hrs .. http://yfrog.com/auvgpp
A weak Western Disturbance will set in over Punjab, Haryana in next 24 hrs .. http://yfrog.com/auvgpp
Gulf of mannar & South Kerala is active again .. while BAY is totally clear .. http://ping.fm/aF6Yb
North coastal Tamilnadu may be in for some showers on 13-Jan-10 .. http://ping.fm/WoUHM
Heavy shower afternoon for Lakshadweep, Coastal & North Karnataka, .. http://ping.fm/Ag8WO
A good moist Easterly wave will be over Tamilnadu coast coming weekend (16,17-Jan... http://ping.fm/42uQH
Analysis shows a minor LOW pressure system nearing Tamilnadu coast .. http://ping.fm/u2qia
Chennai - All thru the day was warm & very humid ... and with very good cloud formation.
Chennai - All signs now and so far for past 2 days, suggests a WET day ahead before 17-Jan-10
Chennai - Having a clear atmosphere, high humidity & good cloud formations continue .. recorded a high of 30.3°C (11:18am).
Next 40 years key for climate change: study ... http://is.gd/671j5
Weather-based crop insurance to be introduced .. http://is.gd/671gG
A good WEstern Disturbance will move across over Haryana, Punjab, Himachal & Uttarakand within next 48 hrs.. http://yfrog.com/1yr9fp
Heavy showers predicted for East Maharastra, Orissa & North Andhra in 48 hrs.. http://yfrog.com/1yr9fp
Present showers over North Karnataka will move across in North-east direction over Maharstra in next 48 hrs .. http://yfrog.com/1yr9fp
Very heavy showers overnight over North Lakshadweep islands and into North Karnataka .. http://ping.fm/PZYC0
Chennai - Morning low temperature was 24.7°C (5:30am) .. a warm morning for this time of year, while whole of North India is COLD.
Chennai - Might get one or two localized shower before Sunday, 16-Jan-10
Chennai - Now 9:40am, also having good low cloud formation & getting HOT and humid.
Chennai - All thru yesterday had some good Low cloud formation and continued well into midnight.