Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scattered showers to continue over North N-E states till this month end !!
A moisture is expected to happen into S. Tamilnadu, Kerala from 27-Mar.. showers expected towards month end..
A weak W.D will reach N-W Kashmir tonight.. and will become active during 26,27-Mar and will last till 28-Mar..
West, central India to start Heating up from tomorrow, while S. peninsula will have warm days. slightly reduced day temp
RT @venkatesrao: We re on our expedition to check out the Marine wild life nests at the Olive Ridley Beach, ECR, Chennai. turtlenest
chennai - today touched a max. of 34.1°C (10:55am) and felt like 36 deg C... !
RT @arunshah: Terrible condition in nettoor, high temperature,no rain,no water in well,mosquito attacks at night..gosh!!! weather kerala
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 3.20pm, Cold & windy night and day temp shooting up..Hot winds blowing, 39-22 C range.
Saturday's Predicted rise in Day temperature overshoots. Against 37c, it is already 38c at S'Cruz (1 pm)....