Monday, January 20, 2014

Forecast and Weather for 21st january and 22nd January:

J-4 follows J-3...More rain/snow for the North after a cold spell and wintry weather, Another Western Disturbance, J-4, now lies as a trough over the 58E line, and will move Eastwards, tilting towards the North.
An UAC over South Rajasthan and Gujarat, will remain stationary,and would merge into the WD trough on Tuesday, 21st. Simultaniuosly, another Line of Wind discontinuity lies over the Arabian Sea off the West coast, and this wouls also move Eastwards towards the coastline.

Resultantly, we would see a rain belt tilting form the Gujarat coast North Eastwards.
Except in the extreme North, dry weather in Pakistan. Strong NE winds blowing in SE Sindh and Karachi on Tuesday, at 30 knts.

Wednesday Rains moving overall Eastwards and into Northern India and interior Maharshtra.

Mumbai: Weather getting cloudy and nights getting warmer ! Tuesday will be cloudy and day around 28/29c. Light drizzle in some parts by evening.
Wednesday will also be cloudy after a rise in night temperatures. Wednesday may also see light rain in some parts .(Around 3-5 mms).
Sharp drop in temperatures from Thursday..
Outer townships may see some patchy moderate rains on these days. Around 5-7 mms in some parts.
Pune will be cloudy with rise in temperatures. An evening drizzle on Tuesday and some drizzles and light rains on Wednesday will add up to around 5 mms.
Aurangabad will be cloudy on Tuesday and overcast with drizzles and light rain on Wednesday..substantial rise in night temperatures to 18c.

Surat and Bharuch vicinity will get overcast skies and rain and drizzles on Tuesday ( Possible upto 5-7 mms)and Wednesday.

Delhi NCR sees the bulk of thunder showers from Tuesday evening thru Wednesday night. Possibly around 25 -30 mms. Max and min between 19c and 12c.

Kolkata, almost clear and dry, with days rising to 28c by mid week...

Maps on Vagaries

#COLD Rajasthan ... Kota records a low day temperature of 13.4 C on 19-Jan.
While Narnaul (Haryana) records a minimum temp of 3.1 C.

Another good mid level W.D trough seen along 60E and dipping south upto 20N.
In next 18hrs, upcoming W.D trough is expected to push moisture into W,W-central,N-central India ... 

Due to this W.D trough, scattered rain with cloudy skies expected for W-central,N,N-central India on tomorrow ... 
Tomorrow, Wednesday - moderate rain expected over E,S-E Gujarat as well and into W,S-W,N-W Madhyapradesh.
Scattered moderate / heavy rain expected for Punjab, Haryana, #Delhi, Himachal, Kashmir, Uttarakhand and into W Uttarpradesh on 21,22-Jan

#Chennai - had some isolated drizzles around city and suburbs.
Now 12:16pm, its warm with low cloud formations and movement from N-E.

#Bangalore - 11:30am, Mild drizzles over Domlur, Electronic city zones !

12:20pm, "#Fog in NORTH Punjab and #sunny in SOUTH Punjab."

12pm, Thick FOG seen over most of Uttarpradesh, Bihar, E Haryana... now slowly easing ... 
12pm, Low and medium high cloud cover seen over most zones of Tamilnadu, S Andhra, S Chatisgarh ...