Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weather Instagram at July 16, 2014 at 07:31PM

#chennai - 6:40pm, a warm evening, partly cloudy, no sign of rain. Rain seen over S Andhra, 70km N from city. #weather

from Instagram

Today, the low-level circulation is over E,central Madhyapradesh ...
5pm, Due to Madhyapradesh circulation... HEAVY rain seen over most of Madhyapradesh, S,S-E,E Rajasthan, N Chatisgarh 
5pm, Heavy rain over Jharkhand, W,Central Bengal, S,S-W Gujarat and scattered over coastal Maharastra

The mid-level circulation along S-W Gujarat coast persists and expected to push N-E into Gujarat in next 42hrs... 
Present ACTIVE west coast offshore trough is expected to be active all along coast during next 2 days ! 
For 2 days, Present upper-level circulation near S Gujarat coast is expected to drift N-E, persist along S-E Gujarat 

Meanwhile, Madhyapradesh circulation is expected to drift North and settle over central Uttarpradesh on Friday.. 
Low,mid-level circulation of present Madhyapradesh circulation is expected to persist over central UP till 20-Jul 

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs
During next 12hrs...
HEAVY rain to persist over S,S-E,E Rajasthan, scattered over N,N-W,N-E,central Madhyapradesh into N Chatisgarh, E UP.
Tomorrow, most of Gujarat especially S,S-E,S-W coast is expected to get HEAVY rain ... 

Scattered heavy rain to persist all along Karnataka coast during next 42 hrs !
Widespread HEAVY rain to persist ALL along Maharastra coast and #Mumbai till night of 17-Jul !
Tomorrow as well, scattered rain to persist over Jharkhand, Bihar, S,W,central Bengal ! 
Tomorrow noon,evening scattered heavy rain expected to push into S,central Uttarpradesh.
17-Jul - Scattered rain also forecast for S,central Chatisgarh, E,N,N-E Maharastra, Odisha and over N,N-E Andhra.
For Kerala - S,central Kerala to get scattered moderate rain, while North zone is in for some heavy rain !