Thursday, November 26, 2009

We are well into a DRY phase of MJO .. take a look and will last till 11-Dec-09 ..
Chennai - And Tamilnadu needs some more showers from NE monsoon to sustain the the Groundwater for summer till June-2010 end.
Chennai - Today (26-Nov-09) low temp. was 23.0°C (6:11am) .. and this will go down even by 1 or 2 °C in next 48 hrs.
Chennai - For next 2 days.. Day and Night temperature will fall and will become DRY.. Dry winds also might pick up from North-North-west.
Almost all GFS models suggest a WET start to December.. and it may continue till 25-Dec-09 .
26/11/2008 .. "Terror strikes" Mumbai and Cyclone "Nisha" strikes Tamilnadu & Chennai.
Southwest monsoon pattern changing in India ..
If it (high pressure) descends clear sky with NORTHLY winds will prevails over Chennai and / or east Coramendal coastal area.
A high pressure system at 850 hPa is located over central India. From this air will descend south.
Chennai - All thru the day it was like a winter day.. dry with some useless clouds around.. Total NE air current has stopped today.
Again.. where is "95B".. vanished?? will it emerge again?? ...
Whole of India and Bay is clear all thru the day .. except south-south and south-east Bay ..
Chennai - Cloud formation will be there from 10 am to 2pm, with a 30% chance of local short shower.
Chennai - A clear day so far.. with heavy DEW in early morning.
FNMOC EFS model also suggest the same .. .. so TN coast can look forward to a wet start to December.
NOGAPS and COLA GFS model suggest a LOW pressure system to close in TN coast around Sunday, 28-Nov-09 ..
Where is "95B" again?? satellite shows a super clear India .. ... Dry MJO taking control.