Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10, 2015 at 08:04PM

7:55pm, Chennai, Tambaram zone - sharp showers now. #weather

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November 10, 2015 at 09:19AM

9am, Happy Diwali ! 96B has weakened. T showers seen over SW Andhra along SE Karnataka. IWM Polichalur 41.1mm. #weather

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As expected the outer periphery entered in NW direction from Tirupathi to give copious rainfall of 599mm at Yercaud today (10.11.2015/00Z)[Yercaud ISRO AWS)

Deepavali greetings

இனிய தீப ஒளி (ஒலியும் கூட) திருநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

God is with Yemen - Cyclone Megh almost dead

Cyclone Megh is almost dead over Gulf of Aden now, 11:30pm... "God is with people of Yemen".. https://goo.gl/8KsxW5

ADT at 11:30pm suggests... 
" #Megh is Just a WML now "
"Almost NO convective activity "
Pressure.. 1003mb .. https://goo.gl/GqxYsg

96B - HEAVY rain ahead for S,S-coast Andhra

9pm, This may give the present location of the circulation over N-E-central Tamilnadu . http://ow.ly/UqSrq .. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/ekTQt.jpg

10:30pm, WV imagery shows.. HEAVY rain over W-ghats,NW Tamilnadu, W-ghats Kerala, S Andhra, S Karnataka.. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/ekUiJ.jpg

From now on, the remnant circulation of 96B is expected to "slowly" drift West across Tamilnadu in next 24hrs.. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/ekUyF.jpg
The remnant of 96B may emerge over Arabian sea along Kerala coast at around 12N.. and "intensify" .. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/ekUN0.jpg

Before morning of Diwali day...
HEAVY widespread rain for S, S-coast Andhra and over S Karnataka, N,NW Tamilnadu.. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/ekVn5.jpg

From morning and before evening today...
HEAVY rain will persist along S,S-coast Andhra.
Over N,N-central,NW Tamilnadu.

S Kerala and S-tip Tamilnadu can get SW monsoon style showers during morning, evening of today and Wednesday... due to present winds.

Today, #Chennai can get 1 or 2 sharp showers from South East.
:: Happy Diwali ::