Sunday, July 02, 2017

Rainfall distribution for Tamilnadu and puducherry of Southwest monsoon 2017 - June

Districtwise seasonal rainfall distribution for Tamil Nadu & Puducherry Southwest monsoon 2017 - June:

Sivaganga tops the list with +205% from normal rainfall
(Actual: 127.7mm, Normal: 41.9mm)

Toothukudi is the lowest of the list with -83% from normal rainfall though june Normal rainfall is just 7.2mm, it was difficult to attain that too (Actual: 1.2mm, Normal: 7.2mm)

Salem, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri districts were top hitters during pre monsoon rainfall season, but SWM 2017 june they ended up in large deficient. Dharmapuri -70% from normall Rainfall, Krishnagiri -66% from normal rainfall, Salem -62% from normal rainfall. thinks will improve in july.

Chennai reached "Normal" rainfall category in june month. +15% from Normal rainfall. (Actual: 58.5mm, Normal:64.1mm)

Rainfall activity will improve from Monday over interior and coastal tamilnadu. we depend on convective rains.