Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Time Lapse Super Thunderstorm in kolkata 9th september 2013

Time Lapse Super Thunderstorm in kolkata 9th september 2013

On 9th september 2013 , 
A super cell thunderstorm passed west - north - west of kolkata in the afternoon 
generating lightnings and huge peals of thunderclaps.

11:30pm, as expected showers now moving into Pondicherry zone.

Chennai - 11:40pm,showers seen at around 100km S-E from city.
Rain may push in around 4 or 5am.

In next 4hrs, showers will push into Mahabalipuram coast around 50km south from Chennai city !

W.D update, Showers expected for #Delhi tomorrow

The W.D system will have a very active day today and even on Thursday, over N,N-W India ... 

Due to W.D, Scattered rain expected over N Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, #Delhi on today, Thursday and even on 8-Nov. 
Scattered moderate rain with Isolated HEAVY rain is expected over Kashmir, Himachal and into Uttarakhand on 6,7,8-Nov.

Meanwhile, Kanpur records a low temp of 9.7 C today morning !

LESS rain ahead for #Chennai !!

Latest analysis show, the Depression seen near Vietnam coast is expected to weaken and drift into S-E Bay in 2 days 

Now both, GFS and NAVGEM models agree to a formation of Depression over central Bay from the upcoming Bay LOW .. 
We shall wait till 8-Nov, for the remnant circulation to pop into S-E or E-S-E Bay. So NO speculations about the "expected LOW" till 8-Nov.

From today Till evening of 7-Nov, Moderate to heavy rain expected along central,S-E Tamilnadu coast.
If the LOW forms over S-E Bay, NO rain expected over Tamilnadu, Kerala after 9-Nov.
#Chennai - can get a moderate shower tonight and another one before evening of Thursday.
After that a DRY spell is expected from 8-Nov !!

#Bangalore - more DRY days ahead for city till 10-Nov and may be beyond that as well.

S Arabian sea LOW - " 90A "

#Chennai - 2:53pm, Less cloud formation seen, Warm at around 31 C.
NO sign of rain today !

#Bangalore - 10am, "Sunny"
And NO rain expected today as well.

RT @kannan2121: @weatherofindia Hot calicut, #kerala..No chances of rain (2:33pm)

2:30pm, Cloudy with moderate rain over Kashmir, Himachal, Punjab, N Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarakhand .. 
The S Arabian sea LOW is now marked as "90A" ... expected to intensify and move West in next 36hrs ... 
2:30pm, LESS rain seen over Tamilnadu today. Rain seen over S, S-E,central-coast Tamilnadu..

S Arabian sea LOW, "90A" is expected to intensify into Cyclone strength in 2 days while moving towards Somalia ..