Saturday, November 30, 2013

RT @aash_tvm: It is Raining here! രാത്രിമഴ!
#trivandrum #kerala @weatherofindia (10:44pm)

10:35pm, 1st wave of sharp showers now nearing #Chennai coast.
Good Showers lashed Mahabalipuram town 15 min back.

8:45pm, light rain seen along Mahabalipuram coast around 60km South from #Chennai city.

Easterlies has almost reached Tamilnadu coast !

RT @svellika: @weatherofindia 9:20 a.m. Clear blue skies in Hyderabad. 

#Chennai - 1:05pm, After a clear morning, Easterlies effect is slowly setting in now.
It's cloudy with mild drizzles around.

12:30pm, Still cloudy over most of S-W,W,central Maharastra ... 
12:30pm, S Bay continues to be active with a low level circulation over S-S-E Bay ...
Easterlies has started to affect central, N Tamilnadu coast, S Andhra coast ... light rains witnessed so far.
Heavy showers towards evening.

Scattered & Moderate rain expected to start ALL along Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai from evening.
Expected to continue till Sunday evening.
HEAVY rain expected for S-E, S-coast, S Tamilnadu during next 24hrs.
More update on S Bay circulation after 4pm.