Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sustained low level winds crossing Equator and started moving towards S-W India from Somalia coast, Good signs.
6:30pm, A lonely T.cell can be seen over middle of N-W Rajasthan... While S. Arabian sea getting active ...
Present HEAT wave over N-W, North, central and E.central India to become SEVERE from today till 17-May and will continue beyond that date.
Temperature for S-E peninsula may subside from 17-May but surely NOT before that.
A circulation can be seen over Lakshadweep and a weak one over N. Tamilnadu and S. Andhra, No significant change expected from this.
@priyaramani >> Delhi - at 4:30pm it's SUper hot at 42 deg C.. and till 5:30pm there's no sign of letting up. Keep following @weatherofindia
Chennai - 36 Deg C now 3:57pm, thanks to prompt Sea Breeze... Stiff breeze from S-E now
Chennai - 1:25pm, mild breeze from S-W and temp. at 38 deg C
Strong dust raising winds would prevail over Rajasthan, south Haryana and west Uttar Pradesh during next 24 hours
Chennai - inching towards another 40+ , temp. at 12:30pm was at 38 deg C