Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valcanoe - "Chaiten" .... Fuming Anger!

A classic shot of 2 cyclones

A classic shot of 2 cyclones
one to north-east of Madagaskar "TC - ERIC"
and other one approaching Madagaskar from South-west "TC - FANELE"

Mild winter day & night

We(Chennai) are experiencing a mild winter day & night from 10-Jan-09 to till date.
From 15-Jan-09 to 21-Jan-09 there was some cloud activity over the South-south-bay near the 5th parallel...gradually it became a huge cloud mass and moved south instead of moving north-west.
Now it's a potential cyclone just south of Equator.
Again the Bay is clear and there are some cloud formations over South-western Arabian sea.
Going thru all parameters, next 5 days will be with bit warm days and mild nights.
The low temperature will be around 21 deg.

A sudden change in MJO forecast says,
that we are currently in a wet phase and will continue till 7-Feb-09.
Previously it was predicting a wet phase from 2-Feb-09 to 14-Feb-09.