Monday, July 30, 2012

Drought Alert! Monsoon Failure !! ...

Here's the latest accumulated rainfall map from 1-Jun to 29-Jul .. Anomaly clearly shows the Monsoon rain so far.. 
RT @knowsnotmuch:  saw a halo around the sun this morning - doesn't it usually mean good chances of rain? #chennai

@knowsnotmuch >> "Sun Halo" usually mean moisture at upper levels (or) caused by tiny ice crystals contained in high cirrostratus clouds.

@knowsnotmuch >> "Sun Halo" .. for more visit .. 
@shanpati >> #Mumbai - Some sharp showers forecast for next 2 days and after that till 5/6-Aug.. very less rains (or) NO rain forecast.

#Delhi - only a 20% chance of rains for city till 5-Aug.. Bad again!

@akwaghmare >> #Pune - a good chance of rain in next 2 days (or) After that almost NO rains till 5/6-Aug
Showers will linger along Maharastra coast & Karnataka coast till 2-Aug and after that very little forecast till 5-Aug.

Bad!.. IMD GFS predicts almost NO rain for 90% of India after 4/5-Aug..

COLA models predicts Heavy rains along Madhyapradesh, Chatisgarh will persist for another 24hrs before going down..

From 1-Aug, most of the rain will be along Foot hills of Himalayas, Nepal, N.UP and N.Bihar ..

On 2/3-Aug.. Entire E.India may see a short Spike in showers, which may last for 2 days..

Due to northward shift of the Western end of Monsoon axis .. Showers will push into Uttarakand, Himachal and into Punjab from 2/3-Aug.
Today a LOW can be seen over S.Bengal and adjoining N.Bay ..

The present weak Offshore trough along S-W coast is expected to weaken even more after 3-Aug !! ..

Today's low level circulation can be seen extending from N-corner.Bay to E.Madhyapradesh .. along present monsoon axis.

In next 36hrs, the present low level circulation will die over N.Chatisgarh & N-E.Madhyapradesh..

From 1/2-Aug, the western end of Monsoon axis will shift North towards Himalayan foot hills.. while East end is likely to reach N.Bay

Today, 2 UAC can be seen, 1 over N.Bay and another along S.Gujarat coast ..

Present N.Bay UAC will move West into Orissa & S.Chatisgarh and die along S.Orissa on 1-Aug..

Models suggest, After 2-Aug, NO UAC expected over both seas till 7-Aug..!! Bad for monsoon.

A low level circulation over N.corner.Bay & S.Bengal will persist from today till 5-Aug.. 
#chennai - had a partly cloudy, Hot & Windy day so far.. 3:30pm. Records 34.0°C at 3:10pm.

Today, Vertical.V will be high along S.Karantaka, N.Tamilnadu, S.Andhra & #chennai after 5pm.. T.showers possible ..

Entire E-central & Central India will have High Vertical.V for next 24hrs.. more showers forecast .. 

#chennai - 3:30pm, NO sea breeze yet and Strong westerly winds in low levels have reduced in speed.