Friday, April 04, 2014

Time Lapse of Thunderstorm 23rd march 2014

4pm, Line of T showers seen over W-ghats from S-W Maharastra to W,S-W Karnataka ...
4pm, T showers seen over S Bengal and over W,E-S-E Bangladesh ... 

Severe heat wave in North Konkan today (04-04-2014)

Record breaking maximum temperature in the region!!

Mumbai(Scruz) max temp 38.0°C with min humidity of 22% today !!

Badlapur max temp 41.0°C with min humidity of 12% today !! So we are under heat wave here.. As crossing 40c is on very less occasion here..

Thane IMD AWS estimated max temp 41.5°C with min humidity of 14% today !!

Thane Envirocon max : Today's High :42.8°C & today's low humidity 16% !! 

Karjat IMD AWS estimated max temp 43.0°C with min humidity of 12% today !!
RT @sanjeevnaique: Weather is bright n sunny here in #Tirupati #Telengana. With outside temp is around 30 degree C with clear sky at 1.10pm

#HOT at 1pm,
Ahmedabad, Hyderabad = 39 C
Bangalore = 36 C
Mumbai, Lucknow = 35 C
Jaipur, #Chennai = 34 C

Yesterday's #HOT towns...
Jodhpur = 37.1 C
Barmer = 39.5 C
Bhagalpur = 38.6 C
Daltonganj = 40 C
Gaya = 39 C
Jamshedpur = 39.8 C.

... more #HOT towns,
Jharsuguda = 40.6 C
Ramgundam = 39.5 C
Bellary = 40.2 C
Madurai = 39 C
More rain forecast for central,S,E Bangladesh, Dhaka today 
This may disturb the #WT20 match, India v South Africa. 

This was yesterday late evening in Dhaka...

12:50pm, A super Thunder cell seen around 100km N-W from #Kolkata ... "Nor-wester Season" ... 

The Epic Hailstorm that Lashed Dhaka on 3rd april 2014