Sunday, June 30, 2013

#Chennai - lots of T.showers seen over S-S-W from city at 60,70,80km. 7pm, Showers seen just south of Chengelpet.

India's Wettest Places - Walakkad, Kerala - Series No.1

Whenever people in India ask for wettest / Rainiest places they only know Cherrapunji or Mawsynaram or Agumbe. In these weekly series, you will come to various places which i have identified to be wettest places of India. This series will be published every weekly. If you are fan of Heavy Rains and want to know more than Cherrapunji. Please Read it. Its only a compilation of data from various sources / articles / research materials.

Walakkad which it has crossed 9000 mm rainfall in 5 years of the 12 years available rainfall data is the first in the long series.

 Dhar et al (1978) carried out a study ot the heavy rainfall stations in India. For the purpose of the study, stations with mean annual raintall of 5000 mm were considered as heavy rainfall stations. Of the total 14 stations across India, Only two were from KeraIa namely Neeriamangalam (5880 mm) and Peermade (5000 mm). The rainfall data was available only for less number of years. Over the years the averages have caught up with these two stations and their averages have fallen less than 5000 mm considerably. But rain gauges were installed at many other locations which were experiencing very heavy rains during the monsoons.With the data obtained and analysed, these stations were experiencing more rainfall than Agumbe (7640 mm) called as Cherrapunji of South India. One such place is Silent Valley, where rainfall data is available for Walakkad, Pochipara, Silent Valley, Neelikkal and Sairandhri.

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Evening showers expected for S.Karnataka, S.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu during next 3 days.

12:30pm, Rain seen over S,central Uttarpradesh, N-E.Madhyapradesh, Jharkhand, S.Bengal and coastal Odisha.. 
During next 24 / 48hrs.. Heavy widespread rain for Most of E,central,N.Uttarpradesh, N,N-E,E.Madhyapradesh, Chatisgarh, Bihar.

During next 36hrs, Heavy rain expected to be focussed over N,N-E,E.Madhyapradesh and into E,central Uttarpradesh.. 

Heavy and widespread rain for most of Maharastra coast, #Mumbai, #Goa and coastal Karnataka .. 

During next 18hrs, some rain expected to persist over Punjab, Kashmir, Himachal and Haryana!

Heavy rain to continue for Sikkim, N.Bengal and North zones of N-E states  during next 2 days !

Scattered rain expected for Odisha, N,N-E.Andhra and into Chatisgarh in next 2 days.

During next 2 days, Less rain expected for central,S. Kerala but N.Kerala is expected to get more scattered rain.

S,central.Bengal is also expected to get scattered rain with medium intensity during next 3 days.
Today, low level circulation is seen over the eastern end of axis over N,central.Bengal, Bihar and E.Uttarpradesh .. 

The upper level circulation is seen over N.Bay and into S.Bengal... another circulation over E.Uttarpradesh .. 

In 24hrs, the low level circulation is expected to consolidate and move (W-N-W) along the axis into E.Uttarpradesh.. 

In 48hrs, 2 upper level circulation, one to move into S.Odisha,N-E.Andhra coast, another over N-E.Madhyapradesh.. 

Today, a weak upper level circulation is seen along N.Maharastra coast, this is expected to persist for another 48hrs 

Present weak offshore trough along S-W coast is expected deepen during next 2 or 3 days.. HEAVY widespread rain ahead 
RT @aknarendranath: Put off yatra, evacuate pilgrims, Met said, but govt sat on warning - The Times of India @weatherofindia 

RT @aknarendranath: Near-perfect June monsoon till now.

Rainfall in and around Chennai

in mm ending 8.30 am 30.06.2013

North Chennai was battered.

Ponneri - 100
Uthiramerur - 60
Ellapuram - 44
Cholavaram - 33
Ennore - 32
Madurantakam - 31
Redhills - 28
RK Pet - 20
Kalavai - 15
Sholinghur - 13
Cheyyar - 12
Kolapakkam - 11
Gummidipundi - 10
Thiruvalangadu - 10
Thamaraipakkam - 10
Chennai AP - 9
Madhavaram - 7
Mailam - 7
Chennai - 6
Kancheepuram - 6
Tiruttani - 6
Cheyyur - 4
Taramani - 3
Katupakkam - 3

Saturday, June 29, 2013

RT @remil4remil: Rain in #Kerala. Through the camera. Super pics collection .. 
#Chennai - 6:02pm, Rain started over Pallavaram(South Chennai) zone.

#Chennai - 6:08pm, Heavy rain now over Pallavaram.. RAIN all around city and moving in ..latest RADAR scan 

#Chennai - can expect a prolonged shower well into midnight !!
RT @sharatchander: Torrential rain in east Delhi (5;59pm)

Kolkata - 5:50pm, Heavy rain now for the past 30 min.

#Chennai - 5:45pm, Massive showers seen around City now at around 20,40km away to W,S-W.
Kolkata - 2pm, Not any shower till now. Warm.humid.not any sunshine. may be possibility of clouds developing in the evening.
#HOT at 1pm, #Delhi = 37 C, Thiruchirapalli = 36 C, Ahmedabad = 35 C.

#Chennai - having a humid day so far 1:10pm, temperature around 33 C. 

1:30pm, Less rain over entire S-W coast, showers continue over E,N.Uttarpradesh, T.shower over N.Punjab,W.Himachal. 

Rainfall in and around Chennai

in mm ending 8.30 am on 29.06.2013

Vellore - 35
Tiruttani - 24
Kalavai - 22
Katupakkam - 20
Poonamalle - 18
Kelambakkam - 15
RK Pet - 12
Sholinganallur - 11
Arakonam - 10
Tiruvalangadu - 10
Uthiramerur - 10
Kaveripakkam - 10
Meenambakkam - 9
Taramani - 8
Chembarabakkam - 7
Cholavaram - 6
Redhills - 5
Kancheepuram - 5
Guindy - 4
Tiruvallur - 4
Kolapakkam - 3
Cheyyar - 3
Nungambakkam - 2
Poondi - 2
Madhavaram - 2

Friday, June 28, 2013

Today (28-Jun) morning's Heavy rainfall report

Pradeep's Morning HRF update

1. Karnataka Heavy Rains in Shimoga and Udupi district 

Agumbe Nilkund to post around 60-70 mm rainfall. Not much of rain in Hulikal. Kodagu district rains continue but with less intensity. Talacauvery has got over 2200 mm and is the SWM leader. Watch out for it again.

2. Arunachal Pradesh second day of very heavy rains.

Its been poor SWM for Arunachal so far. Last 2 days its raining a lot. Tezu, Along and Basar all have got over 100 mm. Watch out for Passighat and Tuting rainfall.

3. Kerala gets consistent rain to continue.

Expect rainfall to be around 60 mm for most of the stations. A surprise 100+ mm station cant be ruled out.

4. West Bengal to get rain in HRF places.

As usual Cooch Behar, Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri districts got good rains. Most stations put around 70-80 mm rains. All HRF stations to post good rainfall numbers. Dont be surprised if any stations get very heavy rainfall.

Already posted in out Facebook
#Chennai - 11:25pm, a strong drizzle is expected to push into S,S-W,W suburbs of city in another 15 or 30 min.

Heavy rain for E,S,N.Uttarpradesh, Bihar during next 2 days

The circulation persists along E.Uttarpradesh along the monsoon axis ... 

10:30pm, Rain seen S,S-W,N-E.Uttarpradesh, Rain continues over S.coast Karnataka, N.Kerala ... 

On Monday, the E.Uttarpradesh circulation is expected to strengthen again and persist for 2 days then drift S-W.. 

Till Sunday evening, Heavy, Widespread rain expected for N,E,S,central Uttarpradesh, most of Bihar, N,central Bengal 

Till Sunday, Heavy rain also expected for N,central N-E states, Sikkim and into Jharkand, S.Bengal and scattered over Odisha.

On Saturday, Sunday... widespread medium intensity rain expected for most of Maharastra coast, #Mumbai

On Monday till Wednesday, HEAVY and widespread rain expected for S,central.Maharastra coast, #Goa and most of Karnataka coast.

Some showers may pop over Punjab, Himachal, Uttarakhand, S.Kashmir during next 2 days!

Less scattered and medium intensity rain expected for most of Kerala during next 2 days.
RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia @sakthivelss  Heavy rains lashes Erode, N-W.Tamilnadu  5.30pm. 

RT @arvenky: Started raining steadily here in Malleswaram, Bangalore @weatherofindia (6:54pm)

RT @dsanjeevkumar: @weatherofindia Heavy rains in #Guindy #Chennai.. Since past 10 mins.. Just Like yesterday evening. (7:17pm)

RT @rangats: @weatherofindia heavy rains from 7.15 till now at Adayar, #Chennai (7:32pm)

RT @rajanramaswami: @weatherofindia we have nice rains and thunderstorm here now at Pallikaranai, #Chennai (8:26pm)

#Chennai - at around 7:45pm, zones South of Tambaram got HEAVY thunder storm. Polichalur zone got some steady drizzles today.
#Chennai - 5:10pm, Showers closing in on city from W,N-W and more rain expected for city, suburbs in next 2 hrs.
#HOT at 3pm, Thiruchirapalli = 37 C, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, #Chennai = 36 C, Amristar, #Delhi = 35 C.

3:10pm, #Mumbai - Santacruz has reported "Rain".

3pm, Heavy rain seen over central,N,E.Uttarpradesh, Bihar and into central,N.Bengal ... 

3pm, Rain continues over S.coastal Karnataka and over most of Kerala ...

During last 7 days, Heavy rain seen over central India, N-E.Peninsula, S-W coast, most of N-E states, Uttarakhand. 
#Chennai - 3:45pm, T.showers seen at around 80km S-W,W from city.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Possible FLOOD warning for E.Uttarpradesh !!!

Showers along coastal karnataka to get minimal during next 3 days, but isolated evening rain expected over S,S-W,S-central karnataka

In next 24hrs, HEAVY rain expected for most of N,S,E,central Uttarpradesh, N-E,E.Madhyapradesh, N.Chatisgarh, Bihar 

Heavy rain also expected for most of Nepal, N,central.Bengal and Medium rain for Jharkand, Odisha during next 24hrs.

#Mumbai - medium intensity rain or NO rain expected for city on Friday ! Intermittent sharp showers expected Saturday, Sunday.

Less rain expected for central,S.Kerala till 30-Jun. Showers to continue for N.Kerala.

If the circulation persists along E.Uttarpradesh during next 3 days, then HEAVY rain expected for next 4 days in that same zone.

Possible FLOOD warning for E.Uttarpradesh, W.Bihar, N-E.Madhyapradesh and N.Chatisgarh zone during next 4 days !
Today's, E,S-E.Uttarpradesh low,mid level circulation is expected to deepen,persist almost in same for another 3 days 

IMD-GFS even suggests that the circulation may persist along east end of axis with deepening over E.Uttarpradesh even till 1-Jul.

In next 24hrs, a LOW is expected along the eastern end of monsoon axis over Bihar, E.Uttarpradesh ... 

Models have not predicted a W-N-W movement of the upcoming LOW over Bihar, E.Uttarpradesh.. in fact it's predicting a S-W drift after 1-Jul

#Chennai - evening rain tweets.

RT @fourvees91: @weatherofindia Its raining at Madippakkam for the past 15mts. (5:36pm)

RT @rangats: Good rains at chennai - Saligramam , virugambakkam 5.40 PM @weatherofindia 

RT @congicrooks: @rangats @weatherofindia here in KKNagar stop -start rains very windy #Chennai (5:48pm)

RT @abdulrahmanmb: @weatherofindia Started raining in T.nagar, #Chennai area....stuck inside office (5:49pm)

Chennai - 5:40pm, heavy thunder storm lashed Pallavaram zone for the past 20 min. Now drizzling

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Raining moderately in Delhi. (12:55pm)

Today, the Low, medium level circulation is seen over S-E Uttarpradesh, N-E.Madhyapradesh and N.Chatisgarh.. 

Today, the LOW has merged with the monsoon axis along E.Uttarpradesh !

Today, the upper level 500hpa circulation is seen over E.Madhyapradesh, N.Chatisgarh !

2:30pm, Heavy rain seen over central,N-E,N.Madhyapradesh, central,S,E.Uttarpradesh, S.Bihar, N.Bengal, Uttarakhand

Chennai - 4:15pm. Showers are seen pushing into S-W suburbs of city .. and more on way.

Chennai - 3:50pm, showers seen over W-N-W, S-W at around 70,80km from city

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BB-4 Moves into SE Uttar Pradesh,,and takes Monsoon Axis Northwards...

RT @KironZ: It's raining heavily in Bangalore for last 1 hour.. Nice! :-) #monsoon # Bangalore @weatherofindia 4:47pm

Malout, Punjab - 2:20pm, #HOT (may be around 45 C), partly cloudy, clouds move west to east west air blowing.

#Chennai - 2:10pm, Good low cloud formations seen and movement from W-S-W. Temperature around 36 C. Small Chance of evening sharp shower !
2013 Uttarakhand Flooding .. Crisis Map by Google 

Today, the upper level 500hpa circulation is seen over S,central Madhyapradesh.... 

The LOW pressure and low, mid level circulation is seen over E.Madhyapradesh, S-E.Uttarpradesh, N.Chatisgarh.. 

1pm, Due to LOW and circulation, Heavy rain seen  over S,central.Bihar, most of Madhyapradesh, W.Uttarpradesh.. 

1pm, Showers also seen over central,N.Bengal, most of Maharastra coast, and scattered over Kerala ...

#HOT at 1:30pm, Thiruchirapalli = 36 C, Amristar, Lucknow = 35 C.

Varanasi - Airport, 1pm, has reported "Light rain"

Patna, airport at 12:20pm has reported "Rain with Thunderstorm"

#Kolkata - after morning showers, now (2pm) it is overcast.

Atlast inflow into Mettur, but the second biggest dam Bhavanisagar gets over 12000 cusecs inflow. Sholayar to overflow

1. Mettur dam gets inflow of 1100 cusecs after water was released from Kabini dam after it got full. More rain in Wayanad. So more inflow for Kabini and more for mettur.

2. Bhavanisagar gets huge inflow after super rains in kerala. Inflow is over 12200 cusecs.

3. Its raining more in Sholayar than in Cherrapunji it gets 100 mm heavy rainfall today also. It adds 17ft in one day and is now at 145 ft against full level 160 ft. (Inflow is over 9000 cusecs and stored water is 4200 mcft against full capacity of 5100 mcft)

4. Papanasam inflow is around 3700 cusecs. The Dam level is at 110 ft against full level 143 ft. (Stored water is 3600 mcft against full capacity of 5500 mcft)

5.Other dams
Periyar ~ 5200 cusecs and getting good rains.
Amaravathy ~ 3500 cusecs
Parambikulam ~ 2000 cusecs
Aliyar ~ 1200 cusecs
Pechiparai and Perunchani ~ 1000 cusecs.

Over all its a good day for Tamil Nadu Dams
Mumbai in the rains on Tuesday..view thru the car window...

 -BB-4 Situated on Tuesday Night in the Northern Chattisgarh and adjoining East Mp region. An UAC lies to the SW of this system, where maximum clouds are associated.
2.       -System likely to move N/NW and enter Southern Up. Consequently it will merge with the monsoon axis.
3.       -West Coast off shore trough persists in current strength.
4.      - Heaviest rainfalls  ( 70-120 mms) next 2 days will be concentrated in the Central Up (Lucknow) area, Northern Bihar and Northern West Bengal.
5.      - Moderate  (30-70 mms) heavy rains along west coast of India, Southern regions of Uttarakhand.
6.      - Light to medium rains (10-30 mms) in West UP, Delhi NCR, Interior Maharashtra, Saurashtra , Gujarat Region and Kerala. 

   City forecast on vagaries..

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#Mumbai today !

RT @iamthemixmaster: From where am standing.. #theview #mumbai #rain (5:07pm)

RT @hornnotokplease: Just 15 mins of rain and this what happens outside my office #Mumbai #BMC 

#Chennai - 5:05pm, Sharp showers seen over N (near Ponneri) ,N-W at around 20,40km from city.

Kolkata - today !

Kolkata, 5pm

"very typical weather in kolkata here from morng..specialyy in north kolkata..clouds r 

orgintng frm s.west direction and rapidly moving towards north directns,,,,,,all over ganga 

belt (hooghly belt at westrn part of river)..rains r havng there for maxmum 15 mints than 

disappearng, but fine spells......this is happening constantly frm morng till now,,in central  

kolkata we r recvng rimjhm rainfall,,,but very much humidity and warm not any sunshn frm 

morng till now "
Malout, Punjab - 2:15pm, "Clear sky started filling with small white clouds"

RT @salmanpm_: @weatherofindia Superb rain #Kochi (3:14pm)

Badlapur - 3:50pm, "Currently drizzling continues since 12pm. Waiting for heavy."
The offshore trough along S-W coast is expected to weaken after 27/28-Jun.!

In 12hrs, WRF model expects a upper level circulation along central Maharastra coast... 

Widespread rain expected to continue for central,S.Maharastra coast, #Goa during next 2 days. Intermittent showers expected for #Mumbai.
Today, the LOW and low,mid level circulation is seen over Odisha ... 

The upper level circulation at 500hpa is slightly titled S-S-W and lies over N,N-E Andhra ... 

The LOW and circulation is expected to move North from today and expected to enter Bihar, E.Uttarpradesh on 26/27-Jun 

During next 12hrs, HEAVY rain expected for S,S-E,E.Madhyapradesh, N,central,E.Maharastra, Chatisgarh, Jharkand.. 

From tonight, Heavy rain expected to push into most of Madhyapradesh, N.Chatisgarh, Jharkand and central.Bengal,Bihar 

During next 3 days, heavy and widespread rain to continue ALL along Himalayan foothills, Nepal, N.Bihar, N.Bengal, Sikkim, North N-E states.

On 27-Jun, Heavy rain expected for N.Chatisgarh, E,N-E,central.Madhyapradesh, E,central Uttarpradesh, Bihar, N.bengal 
240 houses damaged as heavy rain lashes Trivandrum, #Kerala ... 
#HOT on 24-Jun, highest Maximum temperature of 45.0 °C was recorded at Churu (Rajasthan)

#HOT at 1:30pm, Jaipur = 37 C, Ahmedabad, Amristar = 36 C, While #Delhi and Patna is at 33 C.

#Kolkata airport has reported "Rain with Thunderstorm" at 1:50pm.

At 1:10pm, Nagpur airport has also reported "Rain with thunderstorm".

#Chennai - #HOT, at 1:40pm temperature was around 36 C. Mild breeze from W-S-W.

#Chennai - Today as well, there's a chance of evening short sharp shower over some parts of city.

1:30pm, Heavy rain over N-W,W.Uttarpradesh, Cloudy with mild rain over Uttarakhand, T.showers over S,central Bengal. 

1:30pm, HEAVY rain over S.chatisgarh, E,N,central Maharastra, S,S-E.Madhyapradesh and into S.Jharkand ..

1:30pm, Heavy rain along S,central Maharastra coast, scattered along Karnataka coast and over Kerala ..

Super rains in Coimbatore and Nilgris

Coimbatore and Nilgris district continued to witness rain along the places which are in Western Ghats

in mm places which have got above 100 mm

Avalanche - 251

Parsons Valley - 248
Valparai - 202
Sholayar - 200

Chinnakallar - 160
Devala - 160
Porthimund - 154 

Uttarakhand news update !

Uttarakhand: 10 LATEST DEVELOPMENTS ... "helicopter operations resume" ... 

Uttarakhand: Search and rescue operations in Kedarnath over ... 

Uttarakhand : "Final toll could be over 10,000, those involved in rescue operations say" ... 

Less rain over Bihar, Most of N-E states, Karnataka !!

The rainfall anomaly map from 9-Jun-2013 to 23-Jun-2013, suggests some interesting DRY zones in India.
Very less rain seen over most of Bangladesh and over most of N-E states, S,coastal.Tamilnadu, S,S-central Andhra and over S,central Karnataka.
Excess over Uttarakand, Himachal, coastal Maharastra, Kerala, S,S-E-coastal Gujarat, E.Maharastra, S,S-E.Madhyapradesh and S.Chatisgarh.

Monday, June 24, 2013

#Chennai - 3:20pm, light rain seen all along W,S-W,N-W from city at around 25,30,40km.. light rain expected over S,S-W suburbs soon!
Today, low, mid level circulation and LOW pressure at 994mb is seen along N,central Odisha coast .. 

The upper level circulation of Odisha coast is tilted S-S-W and seen along N-E.Andhra coast ... 

Odisha LOW, After initial movement in W-N-W direction it's expected to track more North or N-N-W movement ... 

As of latest models, the low, mid level circulation is expected to end up over central Uttarpradesh on 27-Jun ... 

Today's rain upto Uttarakand, Himachal and all along Himalayan belt is expected push into S.Kashmir and persist for next 5 days.

During next 2 days, Heavy rain expected for N,N-E,E.Maharastra, most of Chatisgarh and into most of Madhyapradesh... 

During next 2 days, Heavy rain to continue for most of Odisha and some heavy showers also expected to push into Jharkand as well.
#HOT at 1:15pm, #Delhi = 39 C, Jaipur, Amristar, Varanasi = 37 C.

#Chennai - High cloud cover from morning till now. Temperature around 34 C. Humid !

Lucknow airport has reported "Light thunderstorm" at 1:30pm.

At 1:10pm, Hyderabad airport has reported "Drizzle". And at 1:50pm, #Kolkata has reported "Light thunderstorm".

1:30pm, Showers again over Uttarakand, more rain over central,N.Uttarpradesh, Heavy over S,central Chatisgarh, Odisha 
RT @aash_tvm: Morning is bright, without rain, here!#attingal #Trivandrum #kerala @weatherofindia(10:18am)
8:30am, Heavy rain over N-W.Uttarpradesh, S.Chatisgarh, S.Odisha,E.Maharastra and S.Madhyapradesh ... 

Today, Heavy and widespread rain for Odisha, Chatisgarh, E,N,N-E.Maharastra and S,central,E.Madhyapradesh ... 

Today, most of S-W coast of India from N.Maharastra to S.kerala coast to get heavy scattered rain ...


Sunday, June 23, 2013

#Chennai - 8:15pm, Showers seen over N-W (Redhills) at 20km from city and over S.Andhra coast. More rain seen over S-W at 80km from city.
BB-4 is positioned off the Orissa coast and at 996 mb pressure. It has an associated Upper Air Trough towards the SW, in the interior Orissa and Chattisgarh/Vidarbha region. 
The system moves Westwards on Monday. 

Sunday Night/Monday, we see heavy rains in Orissa State, with concentrated heavy rain in the Sambhalpur-Rourkela belt.Southwards towards Balangir we see heavy rains. The rain belt stretches along the coast into Coastal W.Bengal. Kolkata gets increased rainfall on Monday.

Tuesday, as BB-4 moves inland, we see precipitation in the Vidharbh and Marathwada regions of Maharashtra. Nagpur,Gondia, Khamgaon and Akola regions get heavy showers.
By Tuesday evening, rainfall moving into adjoining MP, with Ujjain region and the Indore -Itarsi belt getting heavy rains.
Rains move into Eastern Gujarat also.

From Vagaries
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Delhi is overcast, humid and temp at 40 C (5:52pm)

6:30pm, Showers seen over central.Andhra, most of Chatisgarh, E.Maharastra, Central,N.Odisha, E.Uttarpradesh, N.Bihar 

6:30pm, scattered showers seen over Uttarakand, E.Madhyapradesh, central,S zones of N-E states and over Kerala ..

RT @sanjeevnaique:  it just started raining here at #Margao #Goa (7.15pm) after overcasty conditions throughout the day. Got chance to plant 

RT @naikap:  fast approaching dark clouds heralding wet times ahead tonight at #Benaulim Beach #Goa #monsoon 

RT @aknarendranath: Uttarakhand cloudburst, computer foretells disaster but unheard >> This is what happened !

HOT Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Highest Maximimum Temperature Averages for June Month till 23/6/2013...

1.Puducherry and Nagapattinam - 37.6c
2.Nungambakkam(Chennai) and Madurai - 37.5c
3.Tiruchirapalli - 37.1c

#Coastal TN particularly burning!!

#Hyderabad rain

RT @bumblme: raining cats and dogs... #Hyderabad #monsoon @weatherofindia 2:38pm

RT @uzair432: @weatherofindia raining heavily in surrounding hyderabad (3:22pm)

All India SWM rainfall Toppers from 01.06.2013 to 20.06.2013

Rainfall in mm (Minimum of 1000 mm)

1.Chatav (Maharashtra) - 1475
2.Talacavery (Karnataka) - 1470
3.Dapoli (Maharashtra) - 1467
4.Tulshi (Maharashtra) - 1372
5.Vadakara (Kerala) -1362
6.Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) - 1348
7.Khed (Maharashtra) - 1344
8.Kannur (Kerala) - 1339
9.Naladi (Karnataka) - 1321
10.Kollur (Karnataka) - 1282

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sharp rain @Tambaram,Chennai ....9.25PM..
Due to Bay LOW moving in tomorrow, Heavy rain expected for most of Odisha, N,N-E.Andhra, S.Chatisgarh, E.Maharastra.. 

Scattered rain expected to persist for Jharkand and parts of S,central Bengal, Heavy over N.Bengal on 23,24-Jun.

Monday, HEAVY and widespread rain expected for central,N,E.Maharastra and push into S,S-E.Madhyapradesh, Chatisgarh 

Till 25-Jun, Heavy rain to continue over Kerala and scattered along Karnataka coast.

COLA, WRF models suggests NO spike in rains along N,central Maharastra coast, S,S-E Gujarat coast and #Mumbai for next 3 days !
Today, the N.Bay circulation is very well established from Low to upper levels in height ... 

In next 24hrs, the LOW pressure will get marked along S.Bengal, N.Odisha coast .. expected to enter land thru N.Odisha coast on 23-Jun.

On 23-Jun (tomorrow), evening, the circulation and LOW will enter into N.Odisha ... 

Upper level circulation at 500hpa is slightly tilted S-S-W and expected to push inland thru central,S.Odisha coast.. 

When the Bay circulation drives inland on 23-Jun, a weak circulation is expected near central Maharastra coast ...

The Bay LOW and circulation is expected to drive towards #Delhi from 24-Jun.. but the system may not reach #Delhi !
RT @axpn: It is raining steadily 4.30pm South Bangalore @weatherofindia 

4:30pm, Good sea breeze has set in now. Showers seen S-W from city around 80/90 km, near Kanchipuram, Arani, Wallajapet.
#Kolkata - 2:55pm, "raining here in kolkata and dum dum ,severe thunderstorm in barrackpur region" ... 

#Delhi - #HOT ...  40.2 C at 2:30 pm
#Chennai - 3.17pm - Touched 39.9c .. #HOT
Davangere - 2:25pm, "light showers happening,after a week! "

RT @sanjeevnaique: @weatherofindia its hot n sunny here in #Margao in. #Goa . No sign  of rain today. Its sweating @naikap (2:28pm)

#Chennai - 2:10pm, #HOT at 37 C, Less humidity at around 35% with Breeze from W-N-W.

Today and next 24hrs, sharp showers expected along S,central Andhra coast, N,central Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai ... 

#Chennai - expected to be #HOT at around 37 C for next 3 days, chance of high cloud cover, Small chance of evening shower on 23,24,25-Jun.

Some WET places in Tamilnadu, 1-Jun-2013 to 20-Jun-2013 (stats)

Rainfall record from 1-Jun-2013 to 20-Jun-2013 for Tamilnadu

Sholayar – 1006 mm
Devala – 830 mm
Avalanche – 801 mm
Valparai - 785 mm
Upper Bhavani – 726 mm
Chinna Kallar – 650 mm
Upper Kodayar – 650 mm
Parsons Valley – 522 mm
Pechiparai – 331 mm
Naduvattam – 310 mm 
Papanasam – 253 mm
Nature’s Fury In Uttarakhand – Devastation Beyond Comprehension (Analysis) ... 

1pm, Heavy rain seen all along Kerala, S.tip of Tamilnadu and S,central coast of Karnataka ... 

Rainfall map of 21-Jun (3:30am, 21-Jun to 3:30am, 22-Jun) ... 
1pm, Heavy rain seen over S.Bengal, Odisha coast. Fresh rain over Bihar as well...

#HOT at 1:30pm, Amristar, #Delhi = 39 C, Jaipur, Varanasi = 37 C, Lucknow, Patna = 36 C.

#Kolkata - airport has reported "Rain with thunder storm" at 1:50pm.

Friday, June 21, 2013

On 22,23,24,25-Jun, More HEAVY rain ahead for Odisha, Chatisgarh, N,N-E.Andhra, E.Maharastra and S,S-E.Madhyapradesh. 

N.Bengal and N.Bihar can expect more rain during next 2 days.

From 23-Jun, rain expected to push into E.Uttarpradesh and central,E.Nepal as well.
RT @kironz: Smell of fresh rain @ Palakkad,  Kerala.. Nice overcast. @weatherofindia (4:31pm)

#Bangalore - "Raining heavily here at Jalahalli (N.Bangalore)... 7:10 PM... :)"

7:30pm, Heavy rain seen over N,central Bengal, Odisha, S,central Chatisgarh and over N,N-E.Andhra ... 

7:30pm, T.showers also seen over E.Madhyapradesh and N-W.Bihar. Heavy rain continue over Kerala ...

Rainfall Normals - Tamil Nadu

#Mumbai and its surroundings today !

Almost non - stop rain lashes Badlapur today from 12.30pm to 5.30pm with intensity varying from heavy to medium to light consistently & thundering also in between. So overall an nice cool rainy day here.

#Mumbai outskirts, eastern suburbs from Thane to Badlapur belt was having heavy rains today.

#Mumbai - Santacruz max temp 31.6c with 0.10mm rain till 5.30pm today

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Offshore trough along S-W coast of India from N.Maharastra coast to central Kerala coast persists, but weak ... 

On 23-Jun, a LOW pressure is expected along S.Bengal coast ! and move inland in W-N-W direction along the monsoon axis.

Today, a low and mid level circulation seen over N,N-E Bay ... 

On 23-Jun, the low, mid level N-N-E Bay circulation is expected to enter inland thru N.Odisha coast ... 

Tomorrow, an upper level circulation expected along central Maharastra coast ... 

Tomorrow, Due to circulation along Maharastra coast, some heavy and widespread rains expected along S-E.Gujarat, Maharastra coast and Goa.

On 23,24,25-Jun, Less rain expected along S,S-E.Gujarat coast, N,central Maharastra coast.

Meanwhile, scattered rain along Karnataka and Kerala coast to continue till 25-Jun ... 
Yesterday evening #Bangalore sharp showers... PIC ..

#Chennai - 2pm, HOT with thin high cloud cover seen from morning! Just now a low level sea breeze has set in. Cloud formations expected !
#HOT on 20-Jun, highest maximum temperature of 44.0°C was recorded at Ganganagar (Rajasthan) 

#HOT at 1:30pm, #Delhi = 39 C, Amristar, Jaipur, Nagpur = 37 C.

#Chennai - 1:30pm, Temperature around 36 C (feels like 38.9C), Humidity around 38% and breeze from West.

Latest COLA model suggests that #Chennai is expected to have #HOT days for next 5 days, with 10 or 20% chance of evening sharp shower.

1pm, Cloudy over S,S-W.Madhyapradesh, isolated rain over S.Bihar and scattered rain over Karnataka coast and Kerala. 

1pm, some rain also seen along S-E.Gujarat coast and N.Maharastra coast ..

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Today's #Kolkata thunderstorm !

Kolkata, today at 12:40pm, "thunderstorm , packing with 77km/h per hour !! Now in south kolkata raining heavily for last 1 hour"

#Kolkata - 11:30am to 1pm, "today's severe thunderstorm in kolkata .. looks so beautiful" from our Facebook ...