Friday, February 25, 2011

The present cloud cover over Punjab and N-W Rajasthan will spread ALL over Haryana, Central and E. Rajasthan and into N-W U.P in next 4 hrs
6:30pm, Heavy thunder shower over S.central Kerala and S-W Srilanka .. ...
6:30pm, Heavy cloud cover over N-W India, And heavy rain over W. Punjab, Kashmir and Himachal ...
Met department to purge weather forecast of jargon...
The present W.D over Kashmir will move away around 27-Feb and another active one will start on 1-Mar ... and will continue beyond 4-Mar
S-S-E. Bay is having a UAC now... If it sustains for another 3 days it'll impact Srilanka again around 1-Mar...
RT @akshaydeoras: Intense convection happening in Nagpur right now.
45% chance of Thunderstorm at night with isolated rainfall!
Chennai - Temp. touched a max of 28.8 C (1:33pm) and now 2:30pm going down... Having wind from N-N-E
Chennai - after a week of warm mornings.. today it was bit cold at 22.5 C (6:33am)... this'll be the trend till 28-Feb
S. Kerala and S. Tamilnadu will get thunder showers today as well.
RT @siljasachin: @nidhi_razdan if you want to enjoy the beauty of rain go to gods own country,kerala in the month of june or july..
1pm, W.D continues to impact Kashmir , Himachal and Punjab ... One system is now over Nepal and moving East..
Nagercoil - Showers almost all night long till morning of 25-Feb-2011