Saturday, June 23, 2012

RT @Kaymenon: @weatherofindia Pitter-patter #rain across Trivandrum in last 48hrs! Nothing to rave about, though :)


Lonavala lake dried up view, lack of rain
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Khandala hills spotted with clouds but dry as no rains on the ghats too
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Monsoon bright skies western ghats overlooking matheran hills,near mumbai, where are the rains
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Chennai - 2:28pm very hot and humid. Now having good preliminary t.cell formations ..signs of early t.shower

After a long wait, monsoon is active over S.tip Tamilnadu (Kanyakumari district) for the past 2 days. and Today as well.
#Delhi - records 41.0°C at 1:30pm

Rainfall till 8:30am of 22-Jun .. Heavy rain over entire East Indian states ... 
@vbsingh60 >> #Kanpur can expect the Monsoon around first week of July.. Monsoon may get pushed in from the next N.Bay circulation.
#chennai - HOT again! records 38.0°C at 1:10pm. Clear Sky is having a DEEP blue tint. Very less cloud formations seen so far.

#chennai - now 1:44pm, having good signs of Sea breeze. A low level breeze from S-E has set in already.
Rain for #Mumbai to start again from night of 25-Jun or from early morning of 26-Jun and continue till 29-Jun and beyond.

Fresh upper level circulation will pop over N-E.Bay on 28-Jun and will move towards Orissa coast.
Now, entire S-W coast is calm except for showers along S.Kerala coast.

RT @arunpillai666: Its a pleasant sunny day in #palakkad, #kerala.. no sign of monsoons or rain clouds... (10:49am)

Showers along entire S-W coast will be on lower side till evening of 25-Jun and increase thereafter ..

Today, there's a weak UAC seen over Gujarat and W.Madhyapradesh.. it's expected to die in another 24hrs..

Today, Another UAC seen over N-W.Arabian sea and another over N-Central. Pakistan ...

Pre-monsoon T.showers to start ALL along foot hills of Himalayas from 26-Jun ...

 Due to the persisting circulation, HEAVY and widespread rain will continue over Entire E.India, Bangladesh and N-E.states till 26-Jun.
Today, the circulation is over Jharkand, Bihar and E.Uttarpradesh...

Today's circulation will move North into Bihar and N.Bengal and then vanish around 25-Jun ...

Next N.Bay circulation expected to pop on 28-Jun ..   
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia  #Massoorie in last 1 hour?extremely very heavy rain wth hail!COLD! (4:56pm, 22-Jun)

On 22-Jun, highest maximum temperature of  45.3°C was recorded at Churu (Rajasthan)