Monday, April 07, 2014

In 15hrs,a very-low, low-level circulation expected over Jharkhand, Bihar and Bengal, it's trough line expected South upto W coast Karnataka

On tomorrow, a low-level trough is expected from S Bengal to N Andhra and to N-central, W Karnataka ... 
And on 9-Apr, a low-level circulation expected over N,N-E Karnataka, S,S-E Maharastra and N,N-W Andhra ... 
Again on 9-Apr, a low-level trough from this circulation is expected to dip South upto S Tamilnadu and S Kerala !! 

On 8-Apr, These low-level circulations, troughs expected to produce T showers over S, central, E Karnataka and into W, central, N-E Andhra.
On 9,10-Apr, T showers expected over S,central Karnataka and again over S,central,N-E Andhra ... 
Meanwhile, scattered T showers is expected to continue over S,central, W-ghats of Kerala and into S,S-W Tamilnadu on 8,9-Apr.
On 9-Apr, some T showers also expected over N,N-W,central Tamilnadu as well !
8pm, T shower now rages over Central, central W-ghats zone of Kerala and isolated over S-W Maharastra, N-W Karnataka 
8pm, Most of W.D rain has cleared from Kashmir, Himachal ...

RT @naikap: @sanjeevnaique no rains in Goa so far today. Clear night sky, with moon and Jupiter. Still feel It'll rain? (7:48pm)

#Kerala Thunder showers

RT @Sailorabee: Rains. Thunderstorms in #kochi @weatherofindia Why? (4pm)

RT @sarathkumarpk: @shivya hey , heavy rain here #kochi #kerala. i wish you experience the magic of rain lashing on backwaters once (4:03pm)

RT @vipinkumar_g: @weatherofindia At Thrissur, Kerala "very cloudy " ...  (4:19pm)

RT @sanjeevnaique: Its cloudy weather with high humidity here in #Margao in #Goa. Expecting rain later in the day.@naikap (4:16pm)

RT @Sailorabee: Rains in #Kochi have stopped

@weatherofindia (5:05pm)

2:30pm, Some HEAVY T showers seen over S,S-central Kerala and over S Tamilnadu ... 
2:30pm, Showers due to W.D is seen over Kashmir, Himachal and N Uttarakhand ... 
The present W.D system is expected to clear out in next 12 to 15hrs... 
#HOT at 1:10pm, 
Nagpur = 43 C
Hyderabad = 41 C
Varanasi = 40 C
Thiruchirapalli, Jamshedpur = 38 C
Kolkata = 37 C

#Delhi at 1pm temperature = 30 C (feels like 29 C)

Early April #HOT conditions... Yesterday, 6-Apr.
Khargone­ = 42.7 C
Bramhapuri­ = 42.5 C
Kurnool­ = 42.2 C
Akola = 42 C

At 1:10pm,
#Chennai = 36 C (feels like 38.2 C)

#Bangalore = 37 C (feels like 34.9 C)