Tuesday, October 17, 2017

98B, still persists over central,W-central Bay as WML with pressure around 1001mb.
Less signs of intensification observed.
98B, 12:30pm Satellite IR shows convective activity concentrated over its W,NW,SW zones and less over S,E,NE.

The wind gush to W.Pacific from S Bay is not allowing 98B's S,SE quadrant to develop.. so very less chance of intensification expected !

What is going to be for 98B during next 2 days?
Take a N,NNW movement same as that of the W.Pacific Typhoon with less/NO intensification
98B, at present is in high shear zone, but the North of it into Bay is good.
So it can move North without hindrance !

Next 36hrs, HEAVY rain activity expected along central,S #Kerala and into S-tip, W-ghats of #Tamilnadu
Wet #Diwali !

Coastal #Tamilnadu, #Chennai and S-coast #Andhra to remain CLOUDY with light rain from now till #Diwali (18th) morning and even till evening.