Saturday, January 04, 2014

cold conditions in kolkata !!!!!!!!!!!1

very cold outside in kolkata , its already 14 C with just 800 meters visibility . 
temp is expected to dip to 10 C in alipur and 9 C in dumdum tomorrow morning

01B at 3:30pm.

1:30pm, Microwave imagery of 01B suggests that the N,W quadrant of the system is active ... 
3:30pm, Visible shows that 01B has slightly drifted West during past 6 hrs... 

@zenrainman >> #Bangalore - High cloud cover expected from Today evening. Slightly warmer DAY, morning on 5,6,7-Jan. 
Less chance of rain.

#Chennai - Today morning, Airport recorded 21.3 C.

90B is now 01B - Depression !

90B is now 01B - Depression now with pressure around 999mb ... 
At present the center is 60% exposed, with convective activity seen over W,N-W,N.
Here's 1pm satellite visible shot of the system.

11:30am, wind analysis shows good wind concentration around the center.
Present location is around 9.2N, 83.5E.
Winds gusting to 55 kmph.

Present upper level winds suggest the System to drift West or even W-S-W during next 48hrs and make landfall as Depression along S-E and central Tamilnadu coast on Monday evening !
If this happens, NO or less rain expected for N.Tamilnadu coast and #Chennai on 5,6,7-Jan.
HEAVY rain with high winds expected over N,N-E Srilanka on Sunday, Monday. FLOODs possible.

~~ Update ~~
Latest analysis of 01B suggests that it has further intensified into DEEP Depression ... pressure around 996mb.