Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cherrapunji crosses 10000 mm for the year 2012

Peninsula Giants in Maharashtra and Karnataka stole the show in August with stations such as Kollur, Agumbe, Kitwade, Amboli, Shiragon, Tamini and Dawdi all getting close to 2000 mm in 20 days in August.

Cherrapunji, after posting monstrous rainfalls of 3600 mm in July and 3450 mm in June 2012, August was silent till yesterday with just 500 mm till 19th. Yesterday it got around 105 mm and followed it with a 384 mm today. I posted earlier that Cherrapunji would cross 10000 mm mark by mid August.

Here is the list of instances in past few years, when Cherrapunji has crossed 10000 mm and the date of crossing is as follows -

2012 - 21st August, 2012 (10298 mm till date)
2011 - it did not cross 10000 mm for the year (ended year at 8372 mm)
2010 - 23rd July, 2010 (ended year at 13472 mm)
2009 - it did not cross 10000 mm for the year (ended year at 9070 mm)

Will it cross 14000 mm mark for the year, i dont think so personally. In last 20 years of rainfall in Cherrapunji it managed to cross 14000 mm mark only thrice.

1995 - 14210 mm
1998 - 14537 mm
2004 - 14791 mm

Last time when hell broke loose in Cherrapunji in a Calender Year was in 1974 when  it got around 24555 mm rainfall with 8205 mm falling in July alone.

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