Thursday, July 19, 2012

#chennai - 7:31pm, cloud cover continues & very little low cloud formations seen. Very strong winds from West seen over upper reaches.

6:30pm, Heavy rains seen over N.Uttarpradesh, E.Madhyapradesh, N.Chatisgarh & Jharkand.. 
The weak UAC along Maharastra coast will persist for another 12hrs ...

Offshore trough along S-W coast now drops upto central Kerala coast... It's expected to persist & deepen till 23-Jul.

On 21-Jul, N.Karnataka 7 Adjoining S.Maharastra, N-W.Andhra will have an UAC ... expected to bring in good rains.. 
N,N-W Bay is showing signs of Fresh circulation ...

COLA model expects the N.Bay circulation to move inland thru N-E.Orissa on 21-Jul..

Both COLA & IMD models expects 2 circulations, One over E.Uttarpradesh & another over N-N-W Bay on 20-Jul..

COLA expects that N-W.Bay circulation will move upto E.Madhyapradesh and stay there from 23-Jul till 25-Jul !!..

Analysis shows that an UAC has already popped over N-N-W corner Bay along S.Bengal ..

Most of the models predict that N-W.Bay circulation will move inland and travel West, and may stall around N.Chatisgarh & E.Madhyapradesh.

Due to the UAC over N-N-W.Bay, N,central Arabian sea Monsoon currents has become strong. It'll stay that way till 23-Jul 
Vertical.V seen very HIGH over Nepal, adjoining Uttarpradesh for next 24hrs.. Heavy rains expected over N,central,E.Uttarpradesh.
#chennai - had a partly cloudy sky till 1pm and after that it's mostly cloudy. Records 34.0°C at 3:10pm.

#chennai - Had good breeze from W-S-W till 1pm after that the strength gone down. 3:59pm, there's NO sign of Sea breeze.

Vertical.V will be high along N.coast Tamilnadu & S.Coast Andhra after 6pm today.. chance of T.showers towards midnight.

T.showers possible for N.Tamilnadu coast, #chennai around midnight or into early hrs of 20-Jul.
RT @ashtala: Non stop rain in freaking #Mumbai, #India #Sucks! (3:05pm)

RT @gw1962: Mourners bid farewell to 'first Bollywood superstar': Mourners gathered in Mumbai under heavy monsoon rain

RT @virenj: if u r driving on Mumbai nashik highway drive safely 2 much of rain,some pot holes r develop,keep the speed limit of 100 & enjoy