Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7pm, Heavy T.showers seen over N,N-E.Tamilnadu, S,central.Andhra, N.Karnataka and over South N-E states.. 
Tomorrow, an anti-cyclone is expected at 500hpa heights over Madhyapradesh ... 
A LOW is expected to get marked over Central Bay in another 24 to 36hrs ...

Low level circulation over Central Bay is strong today..

The central Bay circulation is expected to persist in that same location without direction till 29/30-Sep ...

IMD-GFS suggests that the circulation over Central Bay is expected to stay static till 30-Sep, then it'll drift N-E..

Today a weak UAC can be seen over S,S-E.Gujarat ...

The S-E.Gujarat UAC is expected to persist along S.Gujarat coast & N.Maharastra coast for next 24hrs.

Today's UAC over central Bay will persist for another 48 hrs.. it's expected to come close to Tamilnadu coast on 30-Sep 
RT @srinim6: raining heavily here in egmore, #chennai lot of thunder heard few trees were broken in our road & created traffic chaos 4:33pm
4:25pm, #chennai - Massive electric shower is now crossing city and drifting into Sea... 
RT @fourvees91: @weatherofindia Now at #chennai Parrys corner.Dark clouds n raining with thunder (4pm)
RT @senthilvijay: @weatherofindia Wow chennai has become super cool.

RT @rajakumaari: @weatherofindia @SoravJain its pouring heavily now #chennai (3:46pm)
RT @sarakumar1: @weatherofindia dark clouds now, hope rain soon. #Chennai suburb south #Kovilbakkam. 3.45pm 
#chennai - 3:30pm, a massive T.shower is now approaching city from N-N-W , now near Ponneri at around 25km..

RT @soravjain: Chennai was extremely hot in the morning and look now cloudy and breezy (3:41pm)
2:30pm,Good T.showers over S.Andhra (near to #chennai as well) .. Heavy T.showers seen over Bay, E,N-E of chennai..

A good LOW is expected to form over Central Bay in next 24hrs .. Good cloud activity seen over Bay due to this ..

From 28/29-Sep.. good rain expected over coastal Karnataka, N,central Kerala  ..

Good scattered Rain indicated for most of Andhra and Karnataka from Today till month end!

Scattered rain over most of N-E states will continue till month end and beyond.
Present showers over N,N-W.Maharastra will go down from 29-Sep.
RT @poorneshg: rain in kerala  (Good pic, but no idea when this was taken)
Today, scattered showers forecast for Most of Karnataka, S,central,N-W.Maharastra, S,central Andhra ..

Today, showers also expected into N,N-E,central,S-E.Tamilnadu ...

COLA model suggests that most of Karnataka is expected to get rain from today till 1-Oct..!
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.30am, Clear Skies, Bright Sunshine, hot, dry and windy. 

Further Withdrwawal of SWM from Rajasthan, Haryana, Kashmir, Delhi, HP, Utteranchal and West UP Tuesday, 26th night...Daily UTH,OLR and winds confirm.

Now for the next phase of axis moving towards N.Mah to trigger the thunder activity (see prevoius blog) and further retreats from regions    "alloted" by Vagaries for Friday seems to be on schedule. ( including Nepal) .

Sticky mini vortex mentioned brings the Saurashtra and Eastern Gujarat rains, with Surat getting 36 mms and Amreli 16 mms.  Another 2 days, and Monsoon withdraws ! 

Bay UAC maintains position, and may drop to sea level to form a low today. Then track away from coast.