Friday, December 06, 2013

Due to W.D, scattered rain / snow expected over Kashmir, N Himachal during next 36hrs.

06B - Expected to get named as Cyclone Madi in next 24hrs.

06B, has slightly intensified during past 12hrs.
Now pressure around 996mb.
Winds gusting to 95 kmph.
At 10am, 06B is positioned at 9.49N , 83.41E... during past 12hrs it has drifted South .. here's the plot on map .. 

Here's the latest 10:30pm Satellite IR image ... 

06B, Most of the models agree to a N,N-N-E movement from tomorrow and the model prediction gets vague after the system reaches 13th parallel
06B is expected to intensify further and will be named as "Madi" in next 24hrs.
It's expected to drift North in these period.
During next 15hrs, NO rain expected along N-coast Tamilnadu, #Chennai.
Moderate rain expected for central coast.
Windy conditions to prevail
06B, has slightly drifted South !!
Slight intensification observed at 7:30pm.
ADT analysis suggest pressure around 999mb.

We can expect some surprises from this 06B system in next 3 days.
More on it after 11pm tonight.

Latest on 06B - Crawled North

#Chennai - 4:20pm, Cloudy from mid-morning. Stiff winds from North. NO sign of rain.

3:30pm, a lone T shower seen over S tip Tamilnadu ... and the 06B cloud mass ... 
3:30pm, Cloudy over Kashmir, N Himachal and N Uttarakhand due to W.D ...

4pm ADT analysis of 06B shows that pressure is around 1000mb and has tracked North.
4pm, Visible & microwave imagery shows massive T cell near the center of 06B and the T cell over S tip Tamilnadu ... 

Here's the latest position of 06B plot on map ... 

06B, ALL models continue to predict a N,N-N-E movement and intensifying into Severe Cyclone in next 48 to 60hrs...

If 06B continues to drift N,N-N-E during next 2 days, then DRY conditions expected for most of Tamilnadu during next 5 days.
06B, ADT analysis at 1:30pm, suggest that the system has crawled North and now over 10th parallel.
Malout (S Punjab) - 1:48pm, "sunny and hot"


Fierce storms with high winds and lashing rain have brought chaos to parts of the UK.

Winds of up to 100mph are sweeping Scotland, Northern Ireland, and northern and eastern England.

One man is known to have been killed in West Lothian.

Travel is very badly disrupted; Scotland's entire rail network is suspended, and more than 100,000 homes are without power.

The Met Office have issued scores of flood warnings; the environment agency says that across England and Wales, thousands of people are expected to suffer flooding over the next 24 hours.

The government's emergency Cobra committee has met to discuss the chaos caused by the storms.
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 10.15am, Clear blue skies, sunny, cold and breezy, Pleasant 28-17 C range. No rain for the past few days. 
8am, Microwave imagery confirms that 06B has not moved anywhere during past 12hrs.
Shows a weak Southern quadrant..

92B is now 06B - Almost a Cyclone !

5:30am analysis of 92B suggests that it has deepened further and has NOT moved anywhere.
Pressure around 996mb.
7:30am, visible shot shows a good shape with a visible center... 
92B is now being tracked as "06B" - Almost a cyclone !
#Chennai - DRY morning.
Showers still seen over E-S-E at around 60km from city.

00:00hrs update on Depression 92B

#Chennai - Polichalur zone got sprinkles of rain at round 9:45pm.
Now 11:45pm, showers seen over E,S-E at around 85km from city.

Analysis using microwave imagery at 7:30pm suggest that 92B is more organized ... and located at around 9.8N , 84E... 
For 92B, models continues to suggest a North movement and becoming as a Cyclone in next 2 days.
Showers expected along central,N coast of Tamilnadu, #Chennai from morning of 6-Dec.