Friday, January 31, 2014

After 2-Feb, S,S-E,S-W Bay is expected to be DRY with NO easterlies expected till 6-Feb.
No rain for Srilanka as well !

A small rise in day temperature expected from 3-Feb over most of S,central Peninsula !

GFS plots isolated shower over N-E Tamilnadu, #Chennai before Sunday noon !!
Due to a weak mid level circulation along S,central Andhra
The weak mid (700hpa) level circulation along S,S-W,S-central Andhra is expected to persist during next 36hrs ... 

And isolated moderate rain may pop along S,S-E Tamilnadu coast as well on 1,2-Feb.
#Chennai - Yesterday's max temp was around 29 C.
Today morning, Nungambakkam = 21.3 C and IWM Polichalur station = 20.3 C

In South India, Adilabad records a low temperature of  9 C today.

Minimum temperatures across North India is around normal at this time.
#Delhi today records a low of 10 C.

Today morning, Narnaul (Haryana) records a low temp of 4.5 C.
Today's lowest day temp of 12.7 C was recorded at Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh)

THICK fog was observed from morning over entire belt from Punjab to E Uttarpradesh, Bihar, this has reduced the DAY temperature in this zone

A good W.D system is nearing N,N-W India.
Expected to affect N,N-W India from late evening of 1-Feb... 
On Sunday, Monday - Scattered Heavy rain / snow expected over Kashmir, Himachal... 
On 2,3-Feb... scattered rain with cloudy day,night expected over most of Punjab, N,N-W Rajasthan, Haryana, #Delhi and into W Uttarpradesh.
On Monday evening, showers, snow expected to push into upper regions of Uttarakhand as well.

Badlapur Overall January 2014 Weather.

Temp Max & Min(Avg) : 30.0°C/16.0°C

Highest max temp: 32.5°C on 31 Jan (i.e today)

Lowest min temp:  10.8°C on 18 Jan

Rainfall : 1.0 mms on 21 Jan