Thursday, January 17, 2013

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#chennai - Today morning records 20.4 C... From morning of 20-Jan it is expected to be around 22 C.
A weak easterlies has entered into S-E Bay.. and its moisture may reach Central, S-E Tamilnadu coast on 19-Jan...

Due to this easterlies moisture isolated rain, cloudiness expected over S,S-E Tamilnadu below 10th parallel on 20-Jan

Due to the upcoming easterlies, a low level circulation is expected over 5th parallel S-E of Srilanka on 19-Jan... 
The showers over N,N-central India due to W.D is expected to last till Saturday...

In N,N-W India, the day & night temperature is expected to fall again from tomorrow night.
The present W.D showers over N.India is expected to persist for another 24hrs before moving E-S-E into Nepal.. 

From tomorrow, the W.D showers are expected to push E-S-E into Nepal and some spill over rain for N.Uttarpradesh...

Some rain are expected over N,central Uttarpradesh on 18,19-Jan and odd showers for Bihar on 19-Jan.
The upper level circulation of present W.D is over N,central Pakistan. And the trough extends south up to S,S-W.Gujarat.

The low level circulation related to W.D is over W,N-W Rajasthan, and this will drift N-E during next 24hrs...

During the next 24 to 36 hrs the upper level circulation and trough will move into W,N-W India...

By 19-Jan evening, the W.D will clear from N,N-central India.
3pm, W.D is moving in strong.. Heavy snow / rain seen over Kashmir, Rain over Himachal & moving into Uttarakand as well

Till 8:30am today, Rain/snow has occurred at many places over Jammu & Kashmir.

Due to W.D, till 8:30am today... Rain occurred at few places over Kutch, W.Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and W. Uttar Pradesh.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.15am, Hazy skies, chill and foggy, 9.00 AM looks 6.00 AM, however, Now, Sun is peeping out !!!! 

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Drizzle in Delhi. The first rains of 2013. 6:23am