Wednesday, October 09, 2013

#chennai rain from 8 to 9pm

RT @RajanRamaswami: @weatherofindia @Indscattered rain with thunders at Pallikaranai Cennai Now. 8:40pm
Chennai - 8:45pm, heavy drizzle now over Polichalur zone.

~~ #Chennai rain updates recorded after 7:50pm ~~

fabwriteOct 09, 8:03pm via Web
Heavy thunder over the sea. I think it's pouring in the Bay of Bengal!!! #Chennai #Rain@chennaiweather @weatherofindia

@weatherofindia Heavy Rain, heavy Lightening and Thunder at TARAMANI #CHENNAIRAIN

Lightening and thunder filled chennai! @weatherofindia! YAY!

@weatherofindia and now its pouring here!#Chennai #Ambattur

@weatherofindia Rain Rain and more rains at Tharamani #Chennai

Chennai - 7:45pm, T showers seen over S-W, W, N-W from city. Today more chances of rain into city!

RT @chronics16: @weatherofindia pouring in tharamani #chennairain 7:50pm