Monday, October 23, 2017

Yesterday's rainfall activity was over coastal Tamilnadu and N Andhra.
Chennai Nungambakkam 21mm
Pondicherry 34
Cuddalore 54mm

Today, a low-level trough seen from NNE Bay to SW Bay... and it is expected to drop a circulation over S-central Bay in next 18hrs.
This trough is creating scattered T showers over central,SE,coastal Tamilnadu now, 2pm.

Another SW tilted trough at low-levels seen from W Bay to E Arabian sea (along Karnataka coast).
.. and this will pop scattered T showers ALL along from W,NW Karantaka to E,central,N Andhra in next 12hrs.

In next 30hrs, SW-central Bay is expected to drop a low-level circulation and a weak easterlies is expected to push into East Bay !  In next 30hrs, SE Arabian sea is also expected to pop a circulation.. this is #GoodNews for S Andhra & #Tamilnadu 's NE #Monsoon onset !!

So, NE #monsoon style rain ahead for S #Andhra coast, #Chennai , N-coast #Tamilnadu from late-evening of 24th to 27th.
On 25/26th October a weak NE #monsoon onset expected along S Andhra and N Tamilnadu.
A strong easterlies expected after 31st.