Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another LOW circulation over S. Bay expected on 3-Dec. Will to move West and more showers expected for S.Tip and S-E Tamilnadu aftr 4-Dec
Min temp. would fall by 2 / 3 deg C over adjoining central India during next 2 - 3 days.
Minimum temperature fell by about 2°C over parts of Rajasthan, Indo Gangetic plains and adjoining central India
Gujarat :: November rains, rising seas and vanishing islands! ...
7pm, South and S-E Bay is active again as a new easterlies has started moving West ...
IMD-GFS and COLA-GFS predict that an easterly wave will affect central and Chennai , N. Tamilnadu coast from 1-Dec ..
7pm, While Heavy showers lash S.Tip and central Tamilnadu... winter like evening for N. Tamilnadu and Andhra..
More waves of heavy rain forecast for N.Tamilnadu coast with another Easterly predicted after 5-Dec...
If the present HIGH pressure over C.India weakens then heavy showers predicted for N. Tamilnadu and Chennai 1,2,3-Dec..
Showers will subside for S.Tip and S-E Tamilnadu from 29-Nov.. as the Low circulation moves into S-E corner Arabian sea.
For next 48hrs till 30-Nov-2010, Very less showers predicted for Chennai, Entire Tamilnadu except for S.Tip and S-E Tamilnadu.
Central India High pressure system has slightly moved to East... now over East central India... NO sign of weakening in next 48 hrs
Chennai - Today morning Recorded a low temp. of 22.7°C (4:56am)... first winter kind of morning.
Today, still the Low circulation is over Gulf Mannar and S.Tip of Tamilnadu ... More heavy showers reported from there..
Thought it fit to re-produce this very interesting weather fact from Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather:

309,959,570 Lightning Strikes in Six Months:

Vaisala, the original lightning detection company that I have profiled before, sent this map showing nearly 310 million lightning strikes on Earth (specifically 309,959,570, they tell me) in the last six months via their Global Lightning Dataset:
The map looks similar to those from NASA's satellite estimates, but because it's only 6 months of data, it doesn't line up perfectly, and these are ground-based, not satellite sensors.