Wednesday, December 14, 2011

S. Arabian sea has popped a new LOW "91A" ...
Durban Summit agree to reach agreement by 2015 for concrete steps to be taken only after 2020! ...
chennai - Some sharp showers possible tonight, and into 15-Dec...
After 16-Dec... showers may not cross above 10th parallel. !!
IMD GFS expects a Fresh and strong easterlies along with a LOW over S. Bay to reach Tamilnadu coast on 20-Dec..
A fresh W.D expected over N-W India around 19-Dec.
N-W, central India will have Dry N-W winds till 16-Dec.. COLD days and NIGHTS expected till 17-Dec ..
A Century at the South Pole ...
Dust plumes blew through Syria and Iraq in early December 2011 ...
RT @isaakshi: @weatherofindia Taps frozen in Kashmir today..Leh records lowest temp of the season yet
"slight showeres in nagapattinam" from our Facebook reader.
@ranganaathan >> Yes, Rains may last till 16-Dec.. chennai
Dense fog (50m visibility) has been observed over parts of east Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Sub Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim.
chennai - light shower witnessed over Velacherry zone 2:56pm
chennai - Temp. now 2:13pm is 27.8 C.. and going down slowly, having a mild chill breeze from N-E and Cloudy now!
chennai - and N. Tamilnadu may get its LAST share of showers from this season on Today, 15,16-Dec..
But latest COLA model suggests that 20-Dec easterlies may give rain to S, central Tamilnadu... signs of END of North east Monsoon !!
Both COLA and IMD GFS predicts a strong Easterlies to enter into S-E Bay on 17/18-Dec.. and move towards Tamilnadu coast
chennai - and N. Tamilnadu coast may be in for some light showers during Today and Tomorrow