Friday, June 19, 2009

Chennai continues to witness weather of May in mid-June

The city has been witnessing maximum temperatures that are higher by around three to four degrees than the normal for the past one week. On an average, the maximum temperature has been in the range of around 34-36 degrees which resembles the temperature usually recorded in the second half of May.

According to IMD officials, this is happening due to the delay in arrival of monsoon. Normally, the maximum temperature in mid-June ranges between 30 to 32 degrees.

"Weather changes like decline in day and night temperatures, reduction in humidity and increase in moisture that normally take place due to the arrival of monsoon, are not visible right now," said P C S Rao, director (Weather Central), India Meteorological Department (IMD), Pune.

"Usually, during the last fortnight of May, a reduction in temperature is witnessed which continues till the first week of June when the monsoon arrives. After that there is further decrease in temperature," Rao said, adding that this year such reduction took place towards the end of May, but after that subsequent reduction in temperature has not taken place.

According to IMD figures, on Tuesday the city witnessed 36.5 degrees maximum temperature, which was higher by 5 degrees than normal temperature. Before that the city has been witnessing temperature between 34 to 36 degrees which were higher by 3 to 4 degrees than normal.

When asked about any change in the progress of monsoon, A B Mazumdar, deputy director general, meteorology, IMD, added that conditions are not favourable for the arrival of monsoon during the next 24 hours. Till then, hot weather conditions are likely to prevail.

IMD officials have pointed out that many areas in Vidarbha and Marthawada region have been witnessing temperatures around 40 degrees or above. "In some neighbouring states, conditions are even hotter. Parts of Andra Pradesh, Orrisa, Jharkhand and near by areas are witnessing heat wave conditions," the IMD officials said.

Meanwhile, monsoon which last registered a progress on June 7, has halted in Ratnagiri since then. It continued to halt there even on Thursday. It may be noted that south-west monsoon had set in over Andaman sea around its normal date on May 20

Good rain in Kanyakumari district

These news cuts from Kanyakumari district are provided by an active friend from Kanyakumari district.

Weatherwise gifted place as compared to Chennai...

Chennai people are sufferring from HOT & Humid conditions like that of May month.

KKDt Rain 19JUN09b.JPG

Odd activity at a beach in Kanyakumari district

Odd activity at a beach in Kanyakumari district