Sunday, October 23, 2011

Central coastal Tamilnadu is getting sharp showers now !! After midnight Sharp showers are expected over chennai as well. !!
RT @skapilavastu: Missing 'mazha in kerala' ! "@aaggey: thunder n heavy rain at thrissur town."
4:30pm, Heavy T.showers over Kerala and T.cells are beginning to pop along N, central Tamilnadu coast.. ..
4:30pm, As a precursor to N-E monsoon.. Heavy rain all along Eastern corridor from S.Andhra to S.Tip of India..
chennai - N-E monsoon current has almost over chennai and N. Tamilnadu coast as of now.. Lots of T.cells visible over Bay
chennai - 12:55pm, Heavy showers lashing zones W,S-W of chennai around 60km from city
Some strong showers forecast for S. Tamilnadu and entire coastal Tamilnadu from today till month end !!
A strong W.D is affecting Kashmir from yesterday afternoon.. and it'll continue till 24-Oct..
N-E monsoon current will reach Tamilnadu coast around evening today and it'll pickup strength from tomorrow.. Sharp showers from tomorrow!
Latest analysis at 5:30am shows that the strong monsoon current is very near to Tamilnadu coast..
chennai - Good wind direction from E-N-E now 11:49am... with lots of cloud formations. Monsoon air current is near !!
Now, Sharp showers over Poonamalle, Sriperampudur zones and over West of Maduranthagam
chennai - Lots of cloud formations all over Bay and all over coastal zones... and sharp showers also witnessed over W,S-W outskirts of city